Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Artificial intelligence marketing offers ways to fill the gap between data science and execution. The process of sorting through and analysing vast dumps of data was once impossible and is now not only possible, but it is easy too.

Artificial Intelligence in marketing is the use of customer data, machine learning and other computational concepts to predict a person’s action or inaction. It takes on a massive amount of data and helps marketers easily segment them. It is highly beneficial as it helps in improving the customer’s journey.

Artificial intelligence marketing has changed the relationships with customers to its depth. Also, it has helped in unlocking the untapped potential in businesses.

Now, let us look at how it is beneficial to use artificial intelligence in marketing.

#1. Precisely target market – AI can reduce the stress of choosing a target audience. It will target the right audience for the product. There are bare minimum possibilities of these targets going wrong. This is a must need feature right now, especially in Asian countries where internet users are growing at a fast pace.

Distributing budget and targeting users on various platforms and devices according to geographic, demographics, and other factors are added features of AI.

#2. Smarter ads – Marketers are already working on more intelligent ads, with account-based marketing solutions. But artificial intelligence help teams take this a layer further for insightful interpretation. With new data available in abundance, online ads can become effective and smarter. AI solutions can dig deep into social profiles, keyword searches, and other online data for human-level outcomes.

#3. Personalized experience – It has been researched that customers who have a positive experience spend 74% more. It is only possible if digital marketing is done right using AI. It makes buying easy for the targeted customer by delivering the ideal content that is most relevant to them. This helps in binding the customer to a brand emotionally for a long time period.

#4. Chatbots – Customer service and retention is another field where AI plays a significant role. And chatbots have helped a lot in this case. They have made it simpler for marketers by performing a lot of tasks accurately and quickly. Chatbots can work better than humans and answer queries of a user who is searching for data online. It is expected that they will become even more better in the near future.

#5. Email marketing AI has the potential to recognize the right information for the right target audience. Through artificial intelligence, you can gather, interpret and use that information to target your user intriguingly through emails.

AI can make the task easier for you by personalizing the data, making it attractive. Moreover, this has made the open rate grow and cross the 40% margin. Isn’t this a useful tool for a helpful tool for digital marketing?


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