Where to start when looking for a betting site

It can be intimidating or overwhelming to look for a betting site to do all your gambling as there are so many options. New companies are entering the industry, old companies closing, and established names getting more customers.

It is important to choose carefully to impact your overall experience and potential winnings and potential losses. However, you do not need to stick to your decision, and it is even advantageous to open several accounts, with some betting comparison sites showing 40 of the best websites. However, you are likely to want one site to conduct most of your gambling, so here is a list of important factors to consider.

start when looking


Generally, there is a reason that the most famous betting sites are the most famous betting sites, and you can feel confident that they are not scams. This is not to say that the most famous sites are always the best option; in fact, far from it.

Some companies rely on their fame to attract customers who do not look further and do not offer their customers the best experience. To avoid this, look up reviews of the sites and comparisons of the sites. This way, you will get feedback from the actual customers who will tend to be honest.

Welcome offers:

Welcome offers tend always to be worth it. They are trying to entice you to pick their website and are like a present to thank you for picking them. However, doo still makes sure to go through the terms and conditions, as some nasty surprises can be hidden behind them.

If you wonder what the most profitable kind of welcome offer is, it is almost always risk-free bets. If you lose your bet, your stake is refunded in full and in cash. If you want to see what it is like to bet, you can do this and if you do not enjoy it, withdraw whatever is left in your account, which will be a minimum of your original stake.


If you are looking into smaller betting sites or less well-established ones, you must check the licensing. If a site does not have the relevant licensing for wherever you are, avoid it at all costs as it is almost definitely illegal and a scam. You do not need to worry so much about this but still, double-check for the most famous sites.

Payment methods

Make sure to check the payment methods of the site that you want to sign up to. There is a wide variety of payment methods, from Paypal to credit cards to bitcoin. Most sites will offer credit and debit cards, although some sites are exclusively cryptocurrency, whether for deposits or withdrawals.

Odds offered

The bookies fix their own odds, and as such, they are not the same across the different sites. Look up beforehand what people generally think of the odds offered at various sites, as this will impact your betting quite considerably.

Personal taste

Finally, an important factor in making your decisions is your own personal taste. Your gut instinct should be trusted along with the previous tips, and if you have a bad feeling about a site, then there is probably a subconscious reason why.

The sites are also very different when it comes to themes and interfaces. If you like a particular color scheme, then that is a factor that should come into your decision. Some websites are clunkier than others, and some are smoother, so bear that in mind as well.

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