Here’s How to Attract Investors to Your Indie Film – 4 Strategies

It’s a tough world out there for indie filmmakers. For every career-making breakout hit, dozens of films languish in obscurity. Far more, never see the light of day at all.

High as they are, the odds that your indie film will earn a respectable following aren’t insurmountable. Remember not to put the cart before the horse — you can’t make your movie without financing, after all.

The Four Core Ways To Finance Your Film Project

Here’s what you can do to attract investors to your indie film before, during, and after production.

1. Hit the Festival Circuit

Before you do anything else, hit the festival circuit. Nowhere else will you encounter a higher concentration of deep-pocketed folks willing to pay for the right film; bulking up your contacts list with such people early on will make the rest of your job much easier.

You probably lack the time and resources to hit more than a handful of festivals yearly. Check out this MovieMaker list of the 50 top festivals worth your time, and choose wisely.

2. Hook Up With An Experienced Producer

You might meet them at one of the films above festivals. Wherever you find your experienced producer, you’ll need them to run point for you as you focus on your project’s creative aspects. Everyone knows blockbusters like this one from David Mimran’s Mimran Schur Pictures don’t get made by themselves, but indie films are just as tricky to manage (and perhaps more so when every dollar matters). It would be best to show prospective investors that your team has what it takes to bring your project across the finish line.

3. Build Out an Eye-Catching Web Presence

Yes, you can launch your marketing campaign before shooting.

These days, every indie film has a pro forma website. Often, what separates innovative films from merely creative ones is, well, an innovative web presence. This requires an entire package: social media accounts, viral videos, influencer campaigns, and more, all run through a professionally designed website. Remember, you won’t be able to afford airtime on major broadcast networks.

4. Invest in Guerrilla Marketing

The more creative your marketing efforts, the more likely you are to attract fickle investors’ attention. Targeted guerrilla marketing in key markets — principally New York and Los Angeles, and perhaps the Bay Area if you’re targeting VCs — is a great way to turn heads and build serious buzz.

Getting to “Yes” Takes Time

Don’t expect your first pitch to garner a “yes.” This just isn’t going to happen — or, rather, the chances of such an outcome are vanishingly small.

You’re probably already used to hearing “no,” but if not, now’s the time to get comfortable. It will be a familiar refrain in the months and (perhaps) years ahead.

Don’t lose heart. If you follow the tips here and listen to independent filmmakers who’ve found success before you, the odds are good that things will break your way.

And if not? Well, you’ll have learned plenty along the way — the better to inform whatever comes next for you and your team.

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