A Guide to Credit Cards

You might feel it’s safer to stick to your one trusty credit card. Your credit card works well enough when all is said and done, so why bother changing it? Perhaps you’ve gotten used to its look or feel or think credit cards are one size fits all. There are quite a few reasons you should investigate different credit cards. We explore a few of them below.

Credit Cards: Detailed Guide on Credit Card Benefits, Eligibility & Charges  - CRED

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Travel Credit Cards

You can use credit cards in more special and unique circumstances. These stamp out more hidden charges, such as hidden interest rates and irritable cash withdrawal fees. But, there is a time to stow away your regular credit card and go for something a little more niche, especially if you’re on holiday.

The travel credit card comes with many perks, including cheaper spending in foreign countries. Using one, you dodge interest rates and cash withdrawals on holiday, meaning you can worry less and enjoy yourself more. This means you can spend with ease and a higher degree of comfort instead of keeping a narrowed and suspicious eye on your finances to detect any dodgy activity.

The Prepaid Debit Mastercard

If you’re in a rocky financial period, then the type of credit card you use can better your situation if you choose wisely. They can tip the scales a little bit to be in your favor and give you extra benefits when times get hard. After all, your regular credit card is permanently fixed to your bank account, sucking out funds with every usage. Moreover, they can get you into trouble if you start chipping away at your overdraft.

However, the Prepaid Debit Mastercard from Think Money works spectacularly, giving its users more financial security. Like the travel credit card, it does away with unexpected and hidden fees and only allows you to spend what is ‘prepaid’ once your actual payments, like bills, are out of the way. You can’t even get over the draft with them! This is good for those with money concerns, as they’ll find it easier to rebuild their credit score.

Eligibility Calculator

It might be that, so far, neither credit card has truly taken your fancy. Perhaps your circumstances are different, so specific that no other card could suit your needs. Well, instead of listing off every credit card to ever exist in the hopes you’ll discover that one in a million finds, there’s a more practical way to find what you’re looking for if it’s that niche.

If you’re still struggling, you can use an online eligibility calculator to find the credit card of your dreams. Use the drop-down bars to outline your circumstances and needs, and a tailored resolution should present itself to you in the form of a useful credit card. There’s a wealth of options out there, so if you’re wading through an overwhelming amount of information, these tools should help you narrow your search.

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