How to Play Nintendo Games Using a Emulator and ROMs

If you are reading this article, you probably plan to board the nostalgic boat heading to your childhood, where you used to play your favorite Nintendo games. You must have heard about emulators, programs that emulate video game consoles and let you play retro classics on your computer or other devices. And you may think it is a good idea to download an emulator to relive those fantastic emotions when playing Nintendo classics. Still, there is always something bugging beginners. You may be afraid of choosing an inappropriate emulator or ROMs, images of certain system games… Or are you unsure whether downloading and installing the required programs and files will be smooth and harmless to your computer? OK. You’d better stop at this point. Just continue reading our useful guide to safely and painlessly download Nintendo emulators and ROMs and start playing gaming legends as soon as possible.

Games Using a Emulator

Games Using a Emulator

Games Using a Emulator

Finding an Appropriate Emulator

Though many players are searching for what they call an “appropriate” emulator, there is no such thing as the appropriate emulator. Different emulators support different video game consoles and ensure the other quality of gameplay. Some emulators are free to download. As a rule, they cannot boast an abundance of functions and are compatible with quite a limited number of games. There are more sophisticated, I would call them “professional,” programs whose emulation quality is barely distinguishable from an original retro console. Such emulators cannot be free.
Nevertheless, potential customers are often given a chance to test a product before purchasing it. You can avail yourself of a free trial version to decide whether you need this particular emulator. Whatever it is, the truth is that you can always search for the program to suit your needs. Among the most popular emulators used for running Nintendo, classics are RetroArch, EmuParadise, Dolphin, MAME, Kega, Visual Boy Advance-M, and many others. Just make sure to do some research before getting the tool.

Downloading an Emulator

Visit a trusted website that offers to download an emulator. If you’re planning to get the one for Nintendo, select the “NES Emulators” option on your site. Then, click on the provided link next to the chosen emulator. When the program is downloaded, decompress the archived file and extract its content into the appropriate folder. Once you are done, click on the emulator icon to launch it.

Downloading Games for NES

Once you get your emulator installed, it is time that you avail yourself of nice games to run on it. Therefore, your next step should be downloading Nintendo ROMs. You may want to use the same website you got your emulator from to download ROMs. As practice shows, most sources offering emulators provide users with ROMs compatible with their emulators. So, why not save our time by getting everything from one site?

As you might have guessed, you must look for “NES ROMs.” Just find the necessary link leading you to the game you want to play on your emulator and click on it. Launch the download process.

Once the game is downloaded, you can start running it! Open it in your emulator, following the on-screen instructions carefully, and start reuniting with Mario, Zelda, Pikachu, or whoever you have been missing for all these years.

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