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Tips To Tackle Math Anxiety


Math Anxiety can prove to be a severe and inescapable problem for many professionals and students. It can be in many ways, some include being nervous or experiencing anxiety, freezing up, when required to do math in any context and avoiding situations that are related to any many math calculations. Even Though Overcoming Math Anxiety is difficult, with your willpower you can strengthen your maths skills that will help you to walk on a path that leads to the road of success.

Dispelling the Myths of Math

  • Remove a false believe that you are not good at maths: Many people believe that some are born mathematical genius. They fail to realise that how mathematically felicitous they are. For instance, if you spare a little time before preparing for your Algebra class, you may find it much easier and more comfortable.
  • Never think that your race or gender is associated with this: The fact is that anyone can become good at math despite any gender or nationality. There is no relation between a gender, nationality and math ability.
  • Remove a false belief that people who do math quickly are well-versed in subject : Some people are capable of solving maths problems quickly but it necessarily does not mean that a person’s pace has something to do with their mental abilities.

Improving Math Skill

  • Focus on understanding one sector before moving to the next: There may be several mathematical functions you may have to learn, take your time, focus and try to understand each sector carefully. This makes things easier as you will be able to grasp and will be able to comprehend things without confusing with additional variables.
  • Practice your math skills: You will be comfortable with maths only when doing workout maths. Try working no maths when there is no pressure. Once you are comfortable doing maths on your own then you may not face any trouble while doing the math at work or at school.
  • Understand the Process of Solving: Just memorising formulas and equations won’t help. It is just the basic level of maths. One of the vital points here is to understand why we use this equation rather than mugging up the equation. This makes things easier to remember and solve even more complex problems.
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Overcoming your anxiety

  • Take smaller steps: If you find yourself experiencing math anxiety start solving a simpler Math problem. It will boost your confidence. Just think of it as taking a few practice session before going to play your favourite sports.
  • Always think Positive: With a positive mindset, one can overcome math frustration and anxiety. Put some effort in identifying your negative thoughts and try transferring them into positive thoughts.

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