Top 10 Benefits of PPC Services in 2020

Some people ask whether or not PPC advertising is still worth it today. The short and sweet answer is yes. Researchers report that Google has generated a 16% revenue increase from advertising compared to last year. If you want your ROI to increase in that direction, you might want to hire the best-suited PPC services for your enterprise.

Google reported a 40 percent revenue increase for its cloud services business line. This represents a big leap from $4.25 billion to $6.2 billion.

There are three primary types of PPC ad campaigns that you might want to explore. They include the following:

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  • Search: It is the text-based ads that show up on Google searches. They include those appearing on shopping banners, page ads, and sponsored links.
  • Display: Search network results refer to image-based ads placed on different websites. You usually find these ads on the sides, top, bottom, and other areas of an optimized website. Your options include footer images, sidebar images, and banner ads.
  • Video Ads: Good examples of this type ads are the short video clip ads you find on YouTube and Facebook. These video ads can appear before, after, or at specific times between monetized video streams.

So, you’re still not convinced? Check out the following list of the biggest benefits that you can get from using PPC services:

1. Cost-effective Method to Reach Audience

Hiring PPC services is a more cost-effective method compared to other advertising campaigns. You are given total control over your budget, ad placements, and client targeting. You only pay for certain targeted actions. You find a balance between the results that you want to get and your budget constraints.

2. It Creates Warm Leads

Warm leads have a better conversion rate than cold leads since you are reaching out to potential customers actively searching for your product offerings.

3. User Data Helps Fine-Tune Your SEO Strategy

The results you get from your PPC ad campaign are a more realistic way to gauge your marketing efforts’ success rate. The results will tell you which ads appeal to certain demographics. You will determine which keywords tend to convert, how much it costs to get that done, and what percentage of your success rate.

4. Smart Retargeting

PPC services companies can help you target the same customers that fit your client persona. Retargeting is a powerful strategy because you know which users are interested in your products.

5. Instant Traffic

With PPC advertising, competing for the first spot on the SERPs is unnecessary. There are slots on the SERPs that are yours for the taking. Yes, organic growth will indeed take at least several months. PPC, on the other hand, gives you the results almost instantly.

6. It Brings About Positive ROI

The performance of PPC ads can be measured; it can be improved, and you can monetize it. The key performance indicators can be easily accessed, and with information right at your fingertips, you can make immediate changes in your ad campaigns to increase positive results.

7. They are Not Algorithm Dependent

Remember when the latest search engine algorithm update crushed your SEO efforts? Unlike organic-search-dependent SEO, the results you get from PPC services remain unaffected.

8. Multi-Layer Targeting Options

With PPC advertising, the relevant demographics, such as client interests, locations, ages, and others, are at your fingertips. It allows you to target a delimited client segment easily. As you experiment and tweak your ad campaigns, you can easily determine which market segment responds well to your ad campaigns.

9. Boosts Social Media Efforts

You can integrate your PPC campaigns with your social media efforts. Doing this doesn’t just make things simpler; it can also reduce costs. The cross-channel customer data can help you improve the results of your campaigns.

10. Smart Retargeting

The metrics you get from PPC ad campaigns can help you determine how far your customers’ marketing and sales channels went. You can retarget the ones that went deep but not deep enough to convert into actual customers. You can also use it for retargeting current customers as well.


These are the top 10 benefits of PPC advertising. Contact a PPC advertising service provider today if you want to take advantage of these benefits. Use the tools that will mean the most to your business.

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