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Factors to consider before buying a phone

The process of buying a new mobile phone is one that is fun and interesting. This is because all you have to do is peruse through all stores available and select a brand that appeals to you. You can also walk into any of the stores without any idea of the brand of phone you want to buy. However, with the various brands on display, you should select a brand that is affordable and attractive .

There are thousands of phone brands available in the market today. Mobile phones are no longer meant for receiving SMS messages and making phone calls. They are an integral part of our everyday life and essential to our productivity. As a result of this, it is difficult to stick with a specific phone brand. Itemized below are factors to consider before purchasing a mobile phone.

  • Design and functionality

Before selecting a new mobile phone, you have to consider your personal taste with respect to physical appearance and software. Some people may prefer sharp metal edges with sturdy looks while others might be attracted to phones that have a sinuous design with rounded lines. Some individuals even choose phones based on their brand and logo design. In recent times, smartphones designs have been influenced by trends and marketing designs. This is the main reason why most smartphones have begun to look alike. Apart from the design of a brand, one has to consider its functionality. Some designs don’t work well with certain features. For instance, a stylish unibody design is not compatible with a removable battery.

  • Type and size of display

Most people like to read their news on their smartphones. Some other people enjoy playing games or seeing movies on theirs. Or these sets of people, they need to go for a phone that is about 5.2 inches and above in size. For those that strictly use their for social media, a phone size of less than 5.0 is more than sufficient. Android phones boast about two types of display; the AMOLED and the LCD. The AMOLED offers more saturated colours and sharper contrast while the LCD is more effective in direct sunlight as it offers a brighter display.

  • Internal space and memory

Before purchasing your next smartphone, you should consider the capacity of the internal memory and space. You should also be aware of how much space the pre-installed apps would occupy. A MicroSD card can be used to increase your memory capacity but you should know that a larger internal memory is more recommended by experts.

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