6 Simple Tips to Make Healthy Momos At Home

Indian homes are now familiar with delicacies like noodles, pasta, and momos. We all love the yummy momos sold on the roadside. Children, especially teenagers, love to gorge on them. Though not a very technical job, making momos is a tedious process, and normally, we buy them from outside. Mothers often crib that eating out is unhealthy and unhygienic, but the tedious process often dissuades them from making it home.

This problem is now solved by technology as leading home appliance manufacturers like Kent have introduced a momo maker, making it easy and efficient to prepare them at home. There are shaping dies in this appliance specifically designed for folding the momos, which is the most cumbersome and time-consuming process in making momos.

Chicken momos with tomato achar

Here are a few tips to make spinach or beetroot puree to make the dough. This will give a nice green or red color, and the nutrients of spinach and beetroot will get packed in the dough. Kids will love to have different colored momos.

  • Use Healthy Whole Flours: Mix it with whole wheat flour instead of only refined flour to make the dough. This will make the momos healthy and tasty. READ MORE :
    1. Use Healthier Fillings: For the filling, you can add healthy options such as tofu or sprouts with the regular carrot, cabbage, or onion filling. You can also opt for grated paneer, and instead of using bottled ketchup that is high in preservatives, mix it with homemade chutney. The momos will taste delicious and different and are much healthier than the ones you get on the roadside.
    2. Use Healthy Oil: When filling for momos, use olive oil. You can also opt for peanut oil instead of using refined varieties. If you love to have fried momos, use peanut oil instead of any other option.
    3. Make Healthy Momo Soup: You can make a clear soup by adding vegetable stock and seasoning. Add assorted vegetables like juliennes of carrots and cabbage, beans, and corn. Let it simmer for a while, add steamed veg momos to it, and have a healthy soup, both tasty and nourishing.
    4. Experiment: With a momo maker at home, you can experiment with various fillings and dough. You can mix different meats or go for only vegetable momos or try some out-of-the-box ideas. The list is endless.

    Though we love to have momos, we are often worried that outside stuff can be stale and unhygienically prepared. Moreover, we are unsure if the vegetables or meats used in the filling are fresh. Having this appliance at home will ensure you get freshly and hygienically prepared stuff. Making is so easy and quick that you won’t mind making it even if you are hard-pressed for time.

    Once the appliance is in your kitchen, use your creativity and develop many other healthier options than the ones discussed above. When it comes to experimenting, the sky is the limit. So, enjoy tasty, nutritious, and healthy homemade momos in different variations.

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