2019 Cryptocurrency Investment: 5 Best Crypto Options for Under $10

The year 2018 proved to be a challenging time for cryptocurrencies. This year’s Bitcoin crash affected the public’s trust in any virtual currency, including gold-backed cryptocurrency.

A few players remained strong in the market during the Great Crypto crash. Simultaneously, the events provided an opportunity for new names and a new monetary system to gain popularity, such as metal cryptocurrency.

They say that nothing is permanent in these decentralized cryptocurrencies, that there are only gains and losses. And the highest probability of gains comes from recognizing the trends and wise investments in the world of digital gold and other electronic money.


Now that we’re in the last few weeks of 2018 let’s take a look and get to know the five most promising cryptocurrencies under $10 you can invest in for 2019.


This cryptocurrency is created by Ripple Labs, a US-based online payment system that has been growing in popularity since 2012.

The company boasts that XRP’s advantage over other digital assets is that the transaction confirms after only 4 seconds — significantly faster than Etherium and Bitcoin, which both take a few minutes to settle. This makes XRP less exposed to volatility.

XRP has the third-largest market capitalization as of September 2018 and is currently priced at $0.34.


Stellar Lumens, XLM is the digital asset of the open-source, decentralized protocol, Stellar, that allows cross-border transactions between any pair of currencies. XLM has shown a steadily growing price and volume in the past months.

Cryptocurrency experts are closely watching this coin as its performance has shown stability that may persist in the next few years. With its current $0.14, XLM will surely attract more investors in the coming year as it is comparable to digital gold.


If the volatility of cryptocurrencies hinders you from investing, then fear no more. Tether is a stable coin that is backed by 1 US dollar per token issued. For this reason, Tether will always be worth $1.00.

It didn’t grow without its fair share of controversies, but neither did Bitcoin and Ethereum. After all, Tether is now the second most traded cryptocurrency in the market. And its forecast remains good for 2019.


TRX comes from TRON, one of the biggest blockchain-based systems in the world. With its high throughput, high scalability, and high availability, TRX is currently ranked 10th worldwide and continues to dominate the market.

With its low price of $0.01, TRX is supported by dozens of exchanges. It’s one of the fastest coins in the market as it can consistently handle 2,000 transactions per second.


Cardano is the fully open-sourced decentralized public blockchain and cryptocurrency platform on which the ADA currency runs. Market watchers have observed its growth and stability over the months.

Currently priced at $0.04, it is predicted to grow exponentially in the next months.

Starting 2019 with a good financial strategy enables you to gain confidence in the world of gold-backed cryptocurrency and another digital currency trading. Learn more financial tips from Wide Info.

There may be a sense of security in investing in the most popular and most traded currencies, but having to pay hefty sums can be painful, especially to those trying the market for the first time.

If stability is what you’re after, another great idea is investing in a metal cryptocurrency such as Kinesis.

Kinesis is a gold-backed cryptocurrency that forms the basis of a new monetary system. It also involves investments in silver. Basically, Kinesis currencies will be a digital gold and digital silver currency created and minted from physical precious metals.

It’s best to start early while these cryptocurrencies are still priced low. If the predictions are right, these metal cryptocurrency prices and other digital currencies can grow a hundredfold overnight. Wouldn’t you want to be a part of it?

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