Choosing a pair of gold earrings does not seem like a difficult task. Go to a shop, choose a pair you like and buy them. We wish it were that simple! It requires a lot of knowledge and care. With the price of gold increasing regularly, the price of one earring can run into thousands and you need to know how to choose the perfect pair.

Know the carat of gold – With the prices changing on a daily basis, you need to know the price of the gold. It is charged for in karats since pure gold at 24 karats is never used to create jewellery. It is alloyed with different metals, and the most common karats are 22 karat, 18 karat , 14 karat and 9 karat. Earlier women always wanted 22-karat gold earrings, but with stone jewellery becoming fashionable, the trend has shifted to 18 and 14 karat gold, as the alloyed metals are better able to clasp and hold the stones.

Make sure it is certified – Too often in India, people tend to buy jewellery without a bill to avoid paying taxes. However, jewellers can take advantage of this, and sell you substandard gold earrings. To the naked eye, there is no difference between an 18-carat and a 14-carat earring. If you are not asking for certification, the jeweller can charge for a higher carat and design the earrings from a lower one. Buy hallmarked jewellery only.

Choose styles carefully – No woman will be happy with one pair of earrings. You need all the styles from the shoulder-grazing ones to ones studded with diamonds, and the jhumkis to go with traditional dresses. Whenever you buy a pair, try to remember the styles you already own, to avoid buying the same styles. A variety of earrings will add to your collection and can be a statement piece to accentuate a dress. Another thing you should always know is your face cut. Though there are some styles better suited to some face cuts. At the end of the day carrying off a pair of stylish earrings is about your confidence!

It can be an investment – Let’s not forget, gold jewellery has always been a woman’s insurance. It can be pawned during tough times, and for this reason, you need to be very careful about the quality. Check the buy-back terms and conditions before investing. Most jewellers charge a fee, and you need to be sure, the fee is competitive. If investment is one of the major reasons for buying, remember, to use 22-carat gold, without any stones or meenakari, to keep its buy-back value high.

Stick to your budget – If you want to buy a really expensive pair, there are enough EMI options out there to help you out. Else, it is a good idea to buy a pair within the budget. Even if you are the one getting married, your budget for the jewellery and gold earrings should be clearly defined. The gorgeous variety can be tempting, but brands today are providing fantabulous pieces at reasonable costs. You should look at those instead of exceeding your budget.


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Gold earrings are a very adorable. Women love to have these glittering earpieces hanging out of their ears. But how do you choose the right earring which forms a part of your body? This article provides a details step-by-step approach on selecting the right gold earring.

Every woman loves to have those glittering pair of jewellery hanging out from her ears. And when she gets complimented for the same, it’s really an icing on the cake. But do you know that on some occasions your gold earrings could turn out to be a laughing stock of the entire party. May be people don’t say it on your face, but they do it on your back. To look gorgeous, your gold earrings must be in sync with the rest of your body. To ensure this, follow these steps will choosing your gold earrings:

  1. Know your face shape and hair style: The panache of your gold earrings depends on how much it is in tune with your face and hair. Different face structures suit different earrings. Something which looks awesome on your friend might look awful on you. If you are unaware of your facial structure or hair styles, do not worry. Any sales agent at the gold store can suggest you the best gold earrings based on your face and hairs. However, we do recommend that you consult a few goldsmiths before deciding in on your face shape or hair style, just to ensure that the goldsmith is not trying to bluff you into buying some very expensive pair of gold earring. You can also go through any of the online articles which help you recognize your face shape and hair style.
  2. Try before you buy: Once the salesperson shows you a set of gold earrings, as per your face and hairstyle, put them on. Stand a good few meters away from the mirror and analyse yourself. Ask people accompanying you, as to how the gold earrings look on you. If you have come out alone to shop, click selfies and send them to your loved ones and ask them to evaluate your looks with the gold earrings. Try out multiple models, designs, styles and analyse as to which ones could be a good fit for you.
  3. Value for money: Once you have zeroed in on a few sets of gold earrings, ask the salesperson the maximum discount he can give you. Also, analyse other factors of the gold earring like the hallmark certification (BIS certified or not), purity (carats), warranty period, buy back considerations if any and brand of the jewel. It is recommended that you choose your gold earrings from a branded merchant, since there are less chance of defects and you also get a certificate from the merchant which certifies the purity of the gold. Thus, you can expect an appreciated buy back value if you ever need to sell your gold earrings in the future.