6-Points That Will Fine-Tune Your Twitter Presence in 2018

Let’s talk about Twitter.

Between making recent headlines and the platform’s ongoing as a staple of top business owners, Twitter has its time and place for SMBs and solopreneurs alike.

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And given that Twitter is already over a decade old, there’s a lot we’ve learned about the platform in terms of its best practices.

Likewise, it represents a rare social network that’s truly managed to stand the test of time.

From building up your own reputation to expanding the reach of your content marketing efforts, the Twitter-verse can be a precious place for businesses from a branding perspective.

That is if you have your profile and posting strategy squared away.

Below we’ve outlined a quick checklist to make sure your Twitter strategy is on-point. Remember: Twitter is a totally different beast than Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn and must be treated as such.

  1. Create The Perfect Profile Picture

First thing’ first: you need to make the right first impression with your profile picture.

Brands have the choice of either using a personal picture or a proper business logo depending on who’s running the show and what sort of social presence they want to put out there.

If you want to achieve a more “professional” vibe that means business, consider using a free DIY logo maker tool. To ensure your company branding is sharp and your imagery looks good on all screens. Taking the time to craft a proper logo will instantly set you apart from businesses treating their creatives as an afterthought.

And if you’re a solo brand, try to get a proper headshot versus taking a random selfie. Again, your profile picture should speak to what your business is all about. A low-effort profile picture likewise signals a low-effort social presence.

  1. Craft a Brilliant Bio

Giving you 160 characters to work with, Twitter bios are valuable real estate for explaining to industry players and prospects exactly who you are. You can either keep it simple or inject some humor in your profile, but regardless it’s a great place to signal your personality and expertise.

Some smart Twitter bio ideas include:

  • Including a brief personal quote or company tagline
  • Tagging publications or places online you or your business has been featured.
  • Mention a personal quirk or detail about your professional life (“addicted to coffee,” “recovering office drone”)
  1. Practice Tactical Tagging

Simply put, posts on Twitter that contain hashtags receive more engagement than those that don’t. As such, tagging can instantly expand your reach in a matter of seconds if you take the time to look into industry and community hashtags. Just don’t overdo it: one to three tags per tweet is considered optimal without being distracting.

Hashtags aren’t the only types of tagging you need to focus on, though. For example, if you share a post from an industry pub or thought leader, make sure to take them or leave a quick comment in your tweet to couple with your post. This instantly increases your likelihood of a shout-out and puts you front in center with people relevant to your business.

  1. Take Your Content Diversity into Consideration

If you’re blasting article after article, your Twitter feed is going to grow stale fast.

Consider how a combination of imagery, retweets, photos, and factoids will keep followers engaged and on their toes. For example, infographics are among the most popular posts on Twitter and represent yet another way to show that you’re in tune with your industry.

Even something as simple as a snapshot around the office is fair game for both showing off your business’ human side and keeping your feed fresh. If you’re strapped for the idea, don’t be afraid to show some love to others in your space by retweeting them. As long as there’s some diversity in your feed in terms of content types, you’re golden.

  1. Figure Out Your Social Schedule

Conventional wisdom tells us that morning and afternoons are considered the ideal times to post on Twitter for maximum engagement. This can trip you up if you’re trying to post exclusively in real-time or are stuck in a time zone that’s different from your target audience.

Social schedules like Tweetdeck, which is now built into Twitter directly, are life-savers for tapping into optimal timing. Furthermore, this allows you to queue up your most important content in advance to ensure that it’s being seen. Beyond a queue, you can block off-breaks throughout the day to check into Twitter and respond to notifications to avoid wasting time.

  1. Steer Clear of Fake Followers

Finally, make a point to avoid engaging with or following any accounts that might seem suspicious. Twitter is notorious for its presence of bots, which can be annoying as a brand. Consider looking into a Twitter audit tool to ensure that you’re not attracting any strange attention and otherwise are engaging with real, flesh-and-blood people.

Whether you’re looking to network with industry players or keep up appearances, there’s a time and place for Twitter regardless of what your business might be. With this checklist in mind, you can ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward on the platform.

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