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Did you ever have dreams of walking into a courtroom shouting ‘Your honour, I object’, it was my dream to save lives being able to outwit and outsmart even your quickest of colleagues, do you wish that you could rock a pencil skirt as well as our pencil skirt muse Meghan Markle – well I did. It was my dream to save lives in a tailored pencil suit undoing the injustices of the world

Did you ever dream of walking into a courtroom shouting, “Your Honour I object”? Did you ever dream of saving lives all the while rocking a tailored pencil suit while undoing the injustices of the world? Did you ever wish that you were able to come outwit and outsmart even your quickest of colleagues with sheer fire and determination for what is right? It’s hard not to have these fantasies; you know the ones of working for a reputable law firm, where your colleagues all look like models and your wardrobe is the casual envy of everyone else. Where you make bold gestures and witty remarks instead of actual sentences and you have some kind of superpower that has everyone you come into contact with spellbound by your presence. It’s hard to think of better situation or life than this one, you are intelligent, beautiful and hold the powers of justice in the palm of your very educated hands.

Thanks to the silver screen, and to the magic superheroes of law that live there – the dreams and fantasies of this lifestyle have only increased as I’m sure the applications for reputable law schools has to. But who exactly are these superheroes? And what about them and their lives making a career as a lawyer seem so desirable. Here is a list of the best and the baldest lawyers of the silver screen.

Professor Annalise Keating | How to Get Away withMurder

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The badass Professor of Law on the hit tv series ‘How to Get Away with Murder’. If the title isn’t enough to entice you or demonstrate the powers of Mrs. Annalise Keating then I’m not sure this is the right article for you – because she is the gift that keeps on giving, the creme-dela-creme of Lawyers and better yet she is a woman – and a badass one nonetheless. She is constantly saving the day and bending the rules of the law to keep her, her client’s and her students safe. She is direct, challenging and fights for all that she believes in and does it all with an ease and attitude that is hard to imitate.

Marshall Eriksen | How I met Your Mother

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The large and lovable environmentalist lawyer of the renowned Tv show ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Marshall Eriksen. He is the epitome for the good guy lawyer the original superhero wanting to stick to the law and use it only to save the planet and its people. He is inherently good and struggles with the dynamic job of being a lawyer and having to sometimes work for the bad guy. He is the real reason people go into law and he is the perfect example of how the job is not everything it may seem. You can’t help but root for him as he fights ‘The Man’ in hopes to save for the planet – he may not have a cape, but he certainly is a superhero lawyer with a heart bigger than his stomach. He is also known for the catchphrase “Lawyered”

Harvey Specter | Suits

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The Mr. Cool of Lawyer, Harvey is the well dressed, witty Lawyer of the renowned law firm Pearson Specter Litt. Harvey unlike Marshall Eriksen has built his life around one thing and one thing only – winning. He is cut-throat and will do anything it takes to get that win; whether he is bullying CEO’s of corrupt businesses, inspiring witnesses to tell the truth, charming the opposing counsel in bed and pushing back on pretty much everything that colleague Louis Litt has to say. Harvey is a man with a plan and there is no one better to have on your side. Harvey alongside his genius Junior Associate Mike Ross they take on the good, the bad and the ugly with a winning track record like no other.

Alicia Florrick | The Good Wife

She encompasses all the qualities you would want in a lawyer; the good the bad and the revolutionary. Not only is she a phenomenal lawyer but she is like a phoenix rising from the ashes of her husband (a politician) shadow. She is strong, independent and determined to do what is right. She balances motherhood, a career and the obligations of being a politician’s wife with a grace and care showing that women really can have and do everything – although if you’re a fan of the show you’ll know that it’s not easy. Alicia manages to balance all the drama in her life without breaking so much as a sweat – she is the ultimate women goals.

Saul Goodman | Breaking Bad

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Tv’s most outrageous Lawyer Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad is our favorite Lawyer of the silver screening. Bending and most of the time breaking the rules of the law to protect his criminal clientele. He conducts his business with a wit, charm and humor of someone who is desperate to make a quick buck – often putting himself and his client’s in dangerous situations. He thinks like a criminal well because he is one, this ironic, contradictory paradox of man is highly entertaining – he is both sleazy and cheesy and you can’t help but fall in love with him and all his misadventures. Although he might not be there to save the day he is always there for a good laugh unless you’re his client and in that case, odds are you’re screwed.

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