Should You Start Your Own Comedy Blog?

Starting your blog can be a lot of fun and give you something you can work on in your spare time as a hobby or even use to make some extra money if you use the various ways of monetizing websites. If you like the idea of a fun joke website that people can visit when they want a quick laugh filled with funny memes, videos, and jokes you and your friends have made up, this can be a delightful thing to work on. It can also be something that can get a lot of traffic if you do it right.

But what sort of thing makes sites like these a success?

Comedy Blog

Having a Gimmick Can Be Good

Many memes and joke sites are on the web; some are funnier than others. Some are also more successful. If you want to give yours the best chance of success, it can help it have something that differentiates itself from the rest of the pack. A gimmick can be good here, and a good example of a comedy site that uses a gimmick well is, which has a button you can press that gives you a random joke from the archives. This makes it a fun site to use and quite addictive because you never know what will come up when you press the button. Please don’t use this same gimmick because it has already been done, but try to think of something that will make your site stand out.

Unique Content

Both for copyright reasons and because it will make your site more successful, you should ensure that every joke you post there is your creation. If you enjoy making memes or have some good ideas for comics, sketch videos, and other funny content, it is much better to post this and have your site be unique rather than search for funny things on the re-share web. If you want to share existing jokes, you may be better off with a Tumblr page than a site you have to host yourself.

User Submitted Content

If you do not feel you can make enough content for a whole website by yourself or with your friends, a good way to get more things for your site as well as get your visitors more engaged with your project is to allow, people to submit their memes and jokes to be published on your pages. This can be a good way to interact with your visitors, and it is also good if people can comment on or upvote things they find on your website.

There are many ways to make your brand-new comedy website fun for people looking for something funny to read on the web. However, be aware that this is quite a saturated market for blogs, so you will need to make sure everything you have on your site is unique and has some differentiating factors that make your site more appealing.

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