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Blog envy strikes every level of the blogger at some point in his career. How do you stand out amongst nearly 200 million existing blogs? Concoct an irresistible blog following these Top 10 WordPress Plugins created to boost your SEO (search engine optimization).

You have great content (your mom told you so, right?). However, offering something fresh from the oven daily doesn’t necessarily build your readership. You want Internet browsers and blog enthusiasts to sniff out your delicious content. So, when I reveal these top 10 WP plugins to you, you will have the following rival to that of the famed Magnolia Bakery begging to eat out of your hands.

16 Best WordPress SEO Plugins and Tools to Boost Rankings & Traffic

Lucky for you, the ever-expanding WordPress community deeply values quality SEO and has developed plenty of amazing plugins to help you along with your endeavor. So, here is a little taste of what WP cooked up to help you choose the best tags for your content, guide search engine robots, optimize your titles, and more…

All-in-One SEO Pack
Talk about a WordPress rock star! All in One SEO Pack is one of the most popular plugins ever developed for WP, and a good reason. Ever dream about a personal assistant who also cooks, cleans, and washes your laundry? Well, that is what this plugin does for your SEO.

Offering a little bit of everything off the SEO plate, this plugin was designed to give you the best options in one tiny package. This WordPress plugin addresses the most important on-page ranking factors, including titles, descriptions, keywords, duplicate content, and per-post/page editing.


Google XML Sitemaps Generator
In its basic form, a sitemap is an XML file that lists a site’s URLs and other metadata about each URL so that search engines can more intelligently crawl the site. That is why Google XML Sitemaps is essential for your WordPress blog. Though its name only mentions Google, this plugin creates a diverse XML map readable in Yahoo!, (formerly known as MSN Search), and

Google XML Sitemaps Generator has some outstanding features, including automatic generation of a sitemap for all types of WordPress pages and notification to Yahoo!,, Google, and Bing about any changes you make via ping. It also includes a WP filter for other plugins and requires no PHP skills or file changes.

Platinum SEO Plugin
Platinum SEO Plugin is a supersized version of “All in One SEO.” It offers features like auto-generation of META tags, post slug optimization, automatic 301 redirects for permalink change, and even helps avoid duplicate content.

SEO Blogroll
Do you ever toss and turn at night, worried that your blogroll is consuming your PageRank? You can rest well after installing this plugin. SEO Blogroll allows you to make separate sections for various link groupings, and all of them will receive that ever-important rel=”nofollow” attribute (if you so choose).

Once installed, you can create as many link boxes as your heart desires, each with its title and as many links as you deem fit. Then, you can decide whether each link should have a “nofollow” attribute.

SEO Friendly Images
Great images drive traffic to your blog. When people search for various subjects’ images, wouldn’t you love for your blog to come up? This plugin helps you apply the correct “alt” tags and “title” tags on all your images so search engines properly index them.

SEO Tag Cloud Widget
Whether you have a love affair with them or loathe their existence, many bloggers use tag clouds. However, since their inception, tag clouds have been virtually unreadable by search engines. This plugin will convert your tag cloud to SEO-friendly HTML markup, allowing search engines to index them.

Automatic SEO Links
Automatic SEO Links allow you to select a word or phrase for internal and external linking to set anchor text and even choose whether it will have a “nofollow” attribute. What is so fantastic about this plugin is that you only have to put it for the word’s first occurrence in your post. So, fear not the spamming of your seat with numerous links to the same thing!

HeadSpace 2
With HeadSpace 2, you can tag your posts, create custom titles, customize your descriptions, change your theme, run disabled plugins on selected pages, and more. This powerful all-in-one plugin handles a wide range of SEO tasks, allowing shortcuts to the headachy and tiresome configuring meta-data process without requiring conflicting plugins.

Permalink Finder
The dreaded 404 error creeps up when a page cannot be found. This occurs when you link to a post that has either been deleted or the permalink has been altered. This plugin helps avoid sending your readers into the great 404 abysses by first searching your database for a post with similar words. It takes the best match and redirects to the best page. It’s a win-win because users will see the redirect page, and search engine spiders will see the 301 redirects and update their databases to link new searchers to the correct page.

WP Backlinks
Sometimes, the arduous task of link exchange is very taxing on the soul. This plugin makes link exchange so simple that you feel cheated. Upon installing, you will find a small form on your blog’s sidebar that allows web admins and other blog enthusiasts to effortlessly submit a link for link exchange. The plugin will then spider the Webmaster or blogger’s site for a reciprocal link, and VOILA! – you’ve successfully exchanged links.

Regardless of whether you write content fit to feed a king, no one will find it without using proper SEO tactics for your WordPress blog. You’re interesting, relevant, and witty. So, don’t discredit yourself by ignoring these very functional WordPress plugins designed specifically to boost your SEO results.

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