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Top Five Website Design Trends for 2020

Looking for the best trends for your website in 2020, there will be more options than ever before. WordPress web design company’s all over the world have seen so much over the years. As for what will come, there is no thought into what technology will be in the future, but they do know is that with data and thought-out designs, each website on the internet will grab anyone’s attention.

Thinking About Trends From Past to Present

Internet searching has become more frequent now than ever before. With voice commands like Siri and Alexa, we as humans know that it is easier to search for something using our voice. Web designers and developers have thought that using the voice user interface (VUI) will make any website accessible for anyone and everyone. Because visitors with disabilities already have a hard time looking and using websites. Making those sites accessible for them will be at the top of designers’ and developers’ minds when they think of their sites being used by individuals with short attention spans and those with less functioning body parts like hands or arms. Micro-interactions are another way designers can make their sites accessible for all abilities and everyone else without abilities.

 Website Design Trends

Making interactive designs come to life keeps the user interested and feel what they are doing. WordPress web design companies make their site easier for anyone to start their own website with premade templates, and they can use the templates to make their own designs. Most humans like color and pictures. Using micro-interactions like hovering over text or an image will help anyone feel what they are doing. Making use of space is a great way to show more with plenty of open space. White space, as it is called, makes it easier to get anywhere on the page. It gives a minimalist and simplistic design. Using this concept helps individuals search, click, and read easier and efficiently.

While there are limited colors and fewer attention-grabbing details, anyone will enjoy a clean, fast performing site. In the past, websites did not have user-friendly aspects, but recently the important person is the user. Designers and developers are now thinking about what the user is looking for and trying to solve when searching a site. Most websites were not user-focused, and that greatly declined how often people were on the internet. As the years of technology have increased, the whole system has developed new traits and new skills. Those who focus on what the user wants to see by collecting data from users will see an increase in user views. Websites will become more what we know than what we think.

What 2020 Will Look Like

Also, there will be more room for improvements in 2020. With the internet always changing and evolving, there will be more user-friendly and data-oriented components. As well as more 3D designs for industries like shoes, makeup, shopping, etc. There will be more chatbots that have specialized answers and responses. Besides the chatbots, there will be more VUIs, which means voice commands and voice search bars. While being able to have your website accessible to anyone, this year’s websites will give access to anyone with disabilities. Lastly, in the present and future years, contextual technology will have this new high tech to give any site more knowledge for users worldwide.

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