MSP 101: Build Revenue through Backups

Your MSP’s success can hang on selecting the best possible partner vendors. Build revenue through backups with AssureStor’s backup2cloud platform.


Today’s MSPs have to deliver end-to-end services to clients. Your clients need services like antivirus, backups, and web filtering that you probably don’t develop in house. Unless you plan on employing large teams of developers and product managers, your best bet is to partner with specialist providers to deliver complementary services to your clients. AssureStor’s backup2cloud platform helps your MSP build revenue through backups. Here’s how.

backup2cloud: Secure UK Cloud Backup

At AssureStor, we’ve developed the backup2cloud platform in collaboration with Asigra and Infrascale, two leading data protection providers. When you partner with AssureStor, there are five key ways in which you can start to build revenue through backups:

  • Recurring revenue. As it is billed monthly, the backup2cloud platform is an easy recurring revenue stream. And what’s more, it doesn’t require the high touch support that many complimentary services call for.
  • GDPR compliant. backup2cloud should be a quick win for MSPs with clients looking to achieve GDPR compliance from 25th May 2018. The platform is fully GDPR compliant, reassuring your clients that they will meet regulatory requirements.
  • Easy to provision. backup2cloud is easy to provision to your existing clients. If you’re searching for a quick way to increase your clients’ contractual revenue, backup2cloud could well be the answer.
  • ‘Sticky’ service. backup2cloud platform is a ‘sticky’ service. Once it’s been rolled out, your clients will retain it for a long time. It’s secure, it’s affordable, and it works – why change a winning formula?
  • Business-critical functionality. Backups may not be exciting, but all businesses need them. Whether it’s for operational or regulatory compliance, backup2cloud relieves a headache for your clients’ IT managers.

Build Revenue through Backups

Two backup2cloud platforms are available for you and your clients. Our backup2cloud service powered by Infrascale delivers secure, easy to provision, low-cost backups for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. And our backup2cloud Enterprise platform, powered by Asigra, provides backups across your clients’ entire IT estates.

Whatever your clients’ backup requirements, we empower you to build revenue through backups. If you’re interested in joining our network of AssureStor Partners, contact us. We are confident that we can help you protect your clients and enhance your business.

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