How to track online activities using mobile app

In a world surrounded by smartphones and several other gadgets, it may be a tough task to keep a tab on your kids on their phones. Likewise, if you are a cautious employer who needs to control the time spent by your employees on non-productive activities, we have good news for you. Mobile Tracker Free is an app that helps you take care of the online activities of your children and employees.How to track online activities using mobile app 1

Mobile Tracker Free – What exactly does it do?

To begin with, Mobile Tracker Free, MTF is a perfect spy app that caters to your needs. You need to install it on your target device once, and it stays there – providing you with information on all the activities being conducted on the target device.

The application can track incoming or outgoing calls, messages, instant messages, and browsing activities on your target device. You will need physical access to your target device so that the app can be installed on it. You will need to create an account on the site before that. Once your account is created, install the app on your target device and configure it using the account credentials you just created.

That does it – you do not need to have any access to the target device anymore. You can access all your reports on your account. You can log in to your MTF account from any device or browser to get your detailed descriptions.



What can it do?

It will let you know the whereabouts of your kids and even let you know whom they are talking with. In short, it is a perfect spy app that would help you as a parent or an employer. Some of the features that should impress you include

  • Stealthy operation – It disguises itself as a WiFi application, and thus, the target will never realize that their phone is being spied on.
  • SMS/Call Tracking – The app can track all the incoming/outgoing calls and messages being received or sent from the target device. You can also access call recordings of an entire ring.
  • Block/Uninstall apps – You can uninstall the apps on the target device if you think that the particular app is harmful to your kid or if it affects your employee’s productivity. You can block an app from being installed on the device.
  • Control the device remotely – This is one of the unique features that we love the most. You can locate your device or even wipe it if you suspect any issues.
  • Track instant messaging – MTF can track several instant messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram, Hangouts, etc.

That is not all! These are a few select features that we have listed here. Please note that you will not be able to find the app on the Play Store. Get the app from <a href= >official link</a>.

The Final Thoughts

The app can be your best companion for a perfect spy app. You may need to have your target device rooted to be able to use MTF to its full functionality. Be it for keeping a tab on your kids and employees, it is a great spy app that can work wonders for you.

Do share your views about the app and its features so that we can get to know more about it.


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