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How to stay anonymous online in 2018

What if I tell you that your privacy is at risk? When you go online, you unknowingly reveal your personal information to interested parties. While the age of hyper-connectivity has brought with it countless benefits, it has also made it easier for online hackers and organizations to keep a constant track of your whereabouts.

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Let me tell you one fact. It doesn’t matter where from or how you use the Internet; these entities can always get hold of your confidential data. Fortunately, there’s a way around this problem: anonymous web surfing! And in the following paragraphs, I am going to show you how to do just that. Let’s get started:

The Internet is Not as Anonymous You Think!

All they (hackers, governments, ISPs, companies, advertisers, etc.) want is to get their hands on your data for their own selfish purposes. This includes your preferences, communication details, the sites you visit, the apps you use, etc.

These entities have all the bases covered. They can track you from anywhere, at any time. The situation has gone from bad to worse in recent times. And the future for your data looks even bleaker. For this reason, it’s high time that you pay attention and protects yourself online.

Should you avoid using the Internet? No

What can you do now? Should one stop using the internet or any wearable tech device? Of course not, because the Internet has become an integral part of our daily lives. I would advise you to keep yourself under the wraps.

That’s right. You can cloak your identity, your Internet traffic, as well as your location – all you need to know is how (coming to that in just a bit!). Browsing anonymously is the best way to use the Internet without the fear of your every move being watched!

So, how can you anonymize yourself online?

Now, you definitely may be wondering, “How do I go anonymous online?” There are many ways through which you can stay anonymous on the Internet. Read on to know how you can enjoy anonymity online while accessing all your favorite online programs and buying your desired products and services.

Without much ado, here are some ways to stay anonymous online:

Use a Proxy Server

Proxy servers, or proxies as they’re also called, hide your real IP address and virtual location. Therefore, you can use them to remain hidden on the internet and enjoy your time online. There are many proxy servers available, but the one with the name of FoxyProxy supports all the web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome, etc. They can’t be relied on as a permanent solution, though, as they don’t offer any encryption!

Use Tor Browser

If you are using the Tor Browser, you are lucky enough. It uses a complex encryption mechanism to help internet users remain anonymous while surfing the internet in their leisure time. Tor is different from other browsers.

With this particular browser, you can access any of your favorite content online, which is geographically restricted, while remaining safe and sound against the evil clutches of cyber hackers and online bullies.

Use DuckDuckGo

Even what you search online can be tracked. Well, there is a solution to it. You can keep your searches completely hidden by using a private search engine like DuckDuckGo When you use this search engine, all your online activities remain safe, and no one will able to guess what you have searched online.

That’s simply because DuckDuckGo neither keeps your browsing history nor does it sell your information to others, thus making it quite difficult for hackers or other surveillance agencies to keep track of your online browsing habits.

Use an Anonymous VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) can go a long way in anonymizing your presence online. It not only encrypts your personal and private data but also helps you access blocked content from any corner of the world. A VPN uses advanced 256-bit AES encryption coupled with strong security protocols to help you access blocked web content from any corner of the world.

Once connected to the best anonymous VPN, you can easily browse the internet without being seen by any hackers or third party organizations. You should sign up for a reliable VPN service if you want to enjoy a truly private and anonymous browsing experience. However, always choose a VPN provider with a global network of servers and a huge IP pool.

Moreover, it’s always great to have features such as kill switch, WebRTC leak protection, split tunneling, DNS leak protection, ad-blocking, etc., as they enhance your online anonymity by a great deal. There are plenty of VPN services to choose from in the market, so make sure you do your due diligence before picking one!

Use a Firewall

It would help if you used a router with a built-in firewall. Why do you ask? Because hackers are constant on the lookout for a system that is connected directly to the modem. If connected to a modem, they try to bombard your personal computer with hopes to breach into your system and access your personal information.

A router with a built-in firewall can serve as an additional security layer with a firewall protecting your system’s resources against the evils of hackers. A router uses Network Address Translation (NAT) firewall by default, providing camouflage to your system against any hack attacks. With a NAT firewall in place, your system is only visible to the particular network of systems that your system is part of.

Staying anonymous on the web is your right. And you can exercise your right to privacy and anonymity whenever you go online. I have briefly described some important ways to improve your anonymity over the internet. Now, it’s your turn to implement these suggestions on how to remain anonymous on the internet so that you can go about your activities with complete peace of mind.

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