Why You Need to Hide Your IP Address?

We live in the Post-Snowden era, where we have learned about various online privacy and security-related issues, which has left us no choice but to protect our privacy on our own. One of the most basic and important steps is hiding your IP address in such conditions.

Hide IP Address

Here, we will explain why you should hide your IP and choose the best VPN to hide your IP address. Let’s start with the why first!

Why is it important to hide your IP?

There are many reasons why every user should hide their IP address, and we will discuss them all one by one. Before we begin, we should briefly discuss an IP address and what it can reveal about a user.

In the easiest terms, an IP address or Internet Protocol address is a unique numeric label assigned to each computer or device using the Internet Protocol to communicate over the Internet. An IP address has two main purposes: identifying the host or network interface and addressing the location.

There are many misconceptions regarding what your real IP address can reveal about you. Your real IP address certainly can disclose important information about you, such as your location, ZIP code, city, etc. Then again, this isn’t accurate enough, and, therefore, re won’t give away your real physical address.

However, your online activities can be linked to your IP address by interested parties to create a digital profile of you. This can be a serious invasion of privacy, so you should hide your IP address to keep your browsing sessions private. That said, here are several reasons why hiding your IP address makes sense:

Protecting your privacy

Many of us are well aware that many entities are after users’ personal data. These entities either wish to put everyone under surveillance or profit from selling the users’ data. Their primary target is your IP address, so to protect your privacy against these entities, you should hide your IP address.

To be anonymous on the web.

Many purposes of many users would want to do anonymously on the web. You would not want someone to see your browsing history knowing it is yours. So, you should hide your IP if you want to stay anonymous on the web and restrict those privacy invaders from tracking your digital footprints.

Getting around geographic restrictions

Various viral sites are only accessible in certain locations or regions. The only way to restrict access to these sites outside the allowed areas is by knowing your IP address. If you hide your IP and mask it with another one of the permitted locations, you can enjoy true freedom.

Protection against Unsecure Public WiFi hotspots

If you use public WiFi hotspots without adequate protection, you are essentially leaving your data exposed to other people on the network. To securely use public WiFi networks, you should hide your IP address and use encryption so that anyone on the unprotected network cannot track you or steal your priceless information.

Bypassing censorship

Many governments and authorities impose censorship on Internet usage, hurting citizens’ right to access any information they wish to have. So, if you live in any of these countries facing censorship, you should hide your IP and get access to any information youwanth to have with complete freedom.

What Is The Best Tool to Hide IP?

Now that you have understood why you should hide your IP address, it is time to know about the most reliable tool you should use. Multiple devices can help you hide your IP address.

Regarding reliability, Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are the best tools to hide your IP address. It is because many decent VPN providers do hide not only your IP address but also provide military-grade encryption, which keeps your internet presence secure and private.

Remember that not all VPN services are made equal, so you need to go for a reliable paid VPN service. You would not want your VPN provider to sell your private data to make some bucks. You also would not want your VPN provider to be insufficient as you leak your information due to technical flaws.

PureVPN is one of the best VPN providers around. It offers limitless access to over 2,000 VPN servers in 141 countries and over 300,000 anonymous IPs to conceal your identity. Moreover, it comprises premium features like five multi-logins, Ozone, Internet Kill Switch, WebRTC Leak Protection, etc., all of which provide complete accessibility, security, and privacy online.

Final Word

So, suppose you want to hide your IP address and be protected on the web. In that case, you need to get your hands on a reliable and trustworthy VPN service like PureVPN, which is fully equipped with all the necessary features to keep you secure and private while you enjoy ultimate freedom on the web with a masked IP address.

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