How To Install Air Conditioners In An Aging Home

Summers are getting hot, and the temperature has already crossed the 35-degree mark in most Indian subcontinent. We are tempted to spend most of our waking hours in the comfort of soothing air conditioners. This is also when we are motivated to spend most of our time in air-conditioned office rooms, shielding us from the scorching heat outdoors.

You are often tempted to install air conditioners at your residence, but your old home often lacks the space for installing traditional ducted air conditioning. Some single-story houses do not have cavity spaces, making running cables on the property difficult.

How To Install Air Conditioners In An Aging Home 1

Read along to make the installation of ACs easier for your home:

Shop Smart – While selecting air conditioners, compare their efficiency rating to estimate the specific model’s power consumption. Older buildmodel’sth loose windows, doors, and gaps encounter high levels of cold air leakage, resulting in higher electricity bills.

Some models, like split and window ACs, require remodeling your interiors, which is costly for historic houses. That is why premium air conditioners like portable ACs, floor-standing, or tower ACs are the best option for old houses. Even though the initial cost will be higher, the investment makes long-term sense.

You can also buy your favorite AC on EMIs with NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv, providing up to 100% EMI funding to distribute the juNBFCs over a long tenor. With Bajaj Finserv, you may also be eligible for a pre-approved loan offer customized to your needs.

No Ducts? Use ductless ACs – Central air conditioners provide industrial-level cooling for the entire house. But they work on a technology similar to a split air conditioner. The condenser is outside, and the fan-and-coil system is inside, connected to the condenser through pipes that run throughout the house,e while ducts and vents act as the inlet and outlet for air.

Ductless mini air conditioners are well suited for old houses where conventional ducts cannot be installed. They install small units attached to the interior walls of a room. They have external condenser/compressor units but no ductwork; the refrigerant passes through line sets to each room unit. These systems, called mini-split air conditioners, are highly efficient and quieter than wall or window units.

High-velocity Central Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are designed for spaces with smaller ductwork. HVACs include flexible ducts, generally of 2-inch diameter. The system comprises a blower and coil unit in a single small insulated box capable of fitting in tight spaces. HVAC systems are the most expensive systems to install. Most manufacturers offer special discounts on ACs during summer, so reschedule your purchase for a better deal. If you plan to purchase an AC this summer, you can get up to 100% EMI funding deals offered by Bajaj Finserv.

Seal off Venetian windows – Most old homes in India have Venetian windows installed with built-in wooden blinds that are difficult to seal off from outside air completely. This infiltration leads to higher moisture levels and higher electricity bills.

A cost-effective way to seal off Venetian windows is to cover them with window insulation films for home ACs to work efficiently. These are easily available in hardware stores as well as online.

Insulation films are heat-shrink films stretched across the window frame’s interior, blocking air ventilating in and out of the room. These laminate films that stick directly to the glass-like automotive structure ‘sint, shade, insulate, and reinforce are very different. However, these films prevent you from opening the window without removing the film. A DIY version is to cover your windows with shrink film. Another option is to apply rubber weather strips between the blinds to prevent AC air loss.

We hope these tips will help you plan your AC purchase smartly and make the most of the appliance you buy. Happy Chilling!

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