There is nobody in the world who doesn’t like beautiful office and home spaces. Architects and interior are focusing more these days to create unique spaces. One way to achieve such a unique look is with the help of etched and frosted vinyl films that can be installed on both interior and exterior windows. The film can include the company’s logo or any other design to enhance the space’s look. Such looks can be achievable with decorative window film. Follow these tips below to ensure the successful installation of window film.


Prepare the window first before you apply any graphic. To ensure a successful installation, you should clean the window with an ammonia-free window cleaner. Wipe the window well and obliterate the cleaner. After the first cleaning, go for the second cleaning that should be done using straight isopropyl alcohol (IPA), which will remove all the undue particles left by the cleaning solution used in the beginning.

There are two kinds of window film: the Etchmark and the other is the Frosted Sparkle. These films are 2.0 mil cast vinyl with a clear permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive. Both these products are compatible with CAD plotters and have up to more than five years of outdoor durability on vertical applications. You must understand the size, location, and the type of window film you are using to know which application tape to use. A medium tack application tape is mostly used for the application.

Now, the wet application technique is the best for applying this kind of window film. The fluid allows the film to stick to the glass position, or else it tends to slip. Further, the bubbles can be easily pushed out when you use this technique. In case you are using the soap and water technique, then make sure to use soap that is free of any scent or lotion, as these can cause adhesion issues to the glass.

You have to first spray the fluid in the required area of the window where you will place your film. Don’t be a miser while applying the fluid as it will help the film stick well. Now remove the graphic from the liner and position it where the fluid has been sprayed. Now take a squeegee and push it outwards from the center. Once the graphic is placed, use a cutter to trim the vinyl to fit the glass.

If you have used application tape to place your graphic, make sure to let the graphics dry first for a few minutes so that the adhesive bond is built with the glass. Once done, remove it parallel to the glass to minimize the possibility of lifting the applied graphic.

It is to be noted that those adhesives that are pressure-sensitive never stick to cold surfaces. So do check the surface temperature of the glass before you apply. Repeat the process. Attach the other window films in the same way.

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