What Are Good and Bad Effects of Solar Panels

It is often said that solar panels are not environment-friendly. Many claim that solar panels also run through the energy needed for processing. They are also said to release some harmful chemicals into the environment.

Solar Panels Are Not Perfect

Being realistic, one should accept that nothing in this world is perfect. Everything has a downside despite the many benefits it comes with. One has to compromise with that downside to benefit since a reasonable quality of life can only be achieved by compromising certain things.

One must accept that solar panels produce a lot of energy, which is essential for people today. On the other hand, it should also be taken that many toxic chemicals are released in manufacturing.

The toxic chemicals released in the air are causing air pollution, due to which many respiratory system disorders are originating in the world. Apart from that, these panels are also causing water pollution but not as much as fossil fuels.

Carbon Emission

The manufacturing process of solar panels must be considered to determine how harmful or useful these solar panels are.

How Is Solar Panel Manufactured?

Quartz is reacted with silicon in the first process of solar panel manufacturing. Other elements used in manufacturing include aluminum, silver, and copper. The quartz is heated electronically at a very high temperature and then reacted with several features.

It is said that solar panels do not emit any harmful chemicals or carbon for 30 years after Solar Panel Installation.


Positive Impacts of Solar Panels:

It Emits No Carbon Dioxide

Solar panels are preferred over fossil fuels because they emit no carbon dioxide, unlike fossil fuels, which ultimately results in the lesser production of greenhouse effect gases in the atmosphere.

According to an estimate, if the world replaces the current energy sources with solar panels, greenhouse gas production will be declined by 40%.

Solar Panels Don’t Produce Noise Pollution.

Noise pollution has become one of the major causes of depression, intolerance, hearing problems, and many more. Solar panels usually run silently since they don’t have those moving parts that produce noise. Solar panels are silent and, thus, environment-friendly, unlike other energy sources.

They Substitute Fossil Fuels

Since solar panels use the most abundant form of energy in the solar system, i.e., solar energy, there is no risk of running out of this energy ever. The amount of solar energy humans use is 10000 times more than other types of energy.

Moreover, unlike fossil fuels, solar energy can be used repeatedly. Solar panels are considered the best substitute for fossil fuels. Since fossil fuels are declining rapidly and are a non-renewable source, the idea was to save the current energy resources.

The introduction of solar panels was made to substitute fossil fuels. Fossil fuels produce, such as coal, have a lot of harmful gases, which are destroying the ecosystem badly. Using solar panels for solar energy utilization saves the world from these toxic chemicals and gases to a large extent.

They Reduce the Respiratory Diseases

The major reason why solar panels are being installed everywhere is they produce less or no air pollutants. According to research, solar panels’ use will significantly reduce the amount of nitrous oxide and other particular matter emissions in the air, becoming the reason for many respiratory problems. Solar energy itself is clear of any pollutant that keeps the environment clean.

They Reduce Acid Rain

As we all know, burning fossil fuels produces sulfur oxide that goes up in the air and reacts with the atmosphere to produce sulphuric acid. As the rain falls, the sulphuric acid gets mixed with it and falls on fields, lakes, rivers, forests, etc.

It damages wherever it falls. Solar panels have no such energy consumption that can produce sulphuric oxide. The world can get rid of acid rain with the help of solar panels.

Negative Impacts of Solar Panels

Solar Panel Manufacturing Produces Pollution

Unfortunately, producing solar panels in factories is becoming the major cause of pollution since extracting new elements and making them react with other chemicals has a breakdown.

The solar panel is a great invention with a pivot position in the world of technology. Just like other technologies, manufacturing solar panels also involves some exotic materials.

Apart from copper and aluminum, as told earlier, quartz also manufactures solar panels. Quartz is not used in its raw form. Rather, it is heated at a very high temperature to achieve the desired shape. After some processing, the quartz becomes photovoltaic. The process of converting quartz into photovoltaic is very intense. It requires many chemicals, so the manufacturing of solar panels cannot be considered safe and effective for the environment.

Suppose the manufacturing of solar panels is compared with mining, cleaning, and processing fossil fuels, particularly coal. In that case, we will know that solar panel production is the most pollutant and dangerous process that can completely deteriorate the environment.

However, once solar panels are manufactured completely and used; they are the least harmful than fossil fuels.

Solar Panels Occupy Too Much Space

Many people believe that installing solar panels on the rooftop has no side effects as it produces no pollution and does not cost anything.

However, it should be remembered that solar panels are as destructive to the environment as other energy sources. Solar panels also have a huge tendency to destroy the farmlands.

There is no such power plant that is completely harmless. Every power plant comes with unintentional destruction to the environment, and so do solar panels. If large solar panels are installed, they can occupy acres of land, eventually destroying wildlife.

The engineers have brought an amazing idea of installing these panels in barren lands no longer in use.

The barren and brownfields are the destroyed area of the land which cannot be destroyed any further. These areas are best for panel installation. However, this idea will take many years to get practiced.

Solar Panels Are Waste

In the past decade, the use of solar energy has increased enormously. But, the concern of people about solar panels has also increased. Many people believe solar panels are the new type of waste introduced to the world and are growing daily.

It has been told earlier that manufacturing solar panels involves many harmful chemicals. People will have to dispose of these solar panels properly to avoid the risk of environmental damage that may cause because of not properly disposing of their waste once they are no longer in use.

The world is thinking of establishing a recycling infrastructure that will enable people to build some materials from broken or useless pieces of solar panels. In many countries, the government is offering incentives to those who bring in the idea of recycling.

Solar Panels Are the Cause of Global Warming

Although there is no significant emission of harmful chemicals during electricity production through solar cells, the solar life cycle emits the chemicals, becoming the cause of global warming. The solar life cycle may cause global forming at any stage, from manufacturing and installation to dismantlement. It has been estimated that nearly 0.07 to 0.18 pounds of carbon dioxide is produced in the solar life-cycle

The Bottom Line

Solar panels are extremely beneficial for the environment if this technology’s aspects are considered. Undoubtedly, solar panels also cause pollution in the land and water.

However, if a comparison is made between solar panels and other energy sources, solar panels will be more environment-friendly and economical.

From a health point of view, solar panels are an energy source. The emission of any pollution from solar panels is 3x and 10x less than other energy sources.

Although solar panels have a few drawbacks, scientists are still working on them to make them even more environmentally beneficial.

They have started working on recycling and finding proper places for panel installation that will benefit the entire planet in the long run.

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