How to Ensure You’re Picking the Best Masonry Contractors

Masonry is one of the things you really can’t cut corners with when doing a home renovation or construction project. You’ll probably quickly notice that the number of specialists on the market is not that great, which makes sense when you consider the complex skill set required to be a good mason. When hiring someone to take care of this aspect of your project, you’ll want to take your time and compare available offers carefully.


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What Defines a Good Masonry Contractor?

The contractor’s actual masonry skills will be the most important factor here, but other things come into play that will make or break a good deal with a mason. For example, a company that hires its own masons instead of working with subcontractors will likely be more reliable. Check how the company’s previous projects have been completed and whether they’ve used the same set of workers on all of them (if that information is available).

The Important Long-term Differences

Any good masonry contractor will readily give you a long-term guarantee about the quality of their work, and it’s going to be in writing. Click here to find the best masonry contractor in Toronto or Montreal – they’ll be able to find you only qualified masons. That alone can save you a great deal of annoyance if something goes wrong with the job later on. Additionally, a good masonry contractor should be able to handle the entire job from start to finish. They shouldn’t leave you with anything to take care of yourself, especially when it comes to post-construction care and maintenance. You should get a fully finished product and nothing less.

What Are the Different Steps of Putting Up a Brick Wall?

First, the right type of brick will be chosen depending on environmental factors and your own aesthetic preferences. Then, a trench is dug out, and wooden stakes are driven into it for support, with concrete poured on top of them to create a solid foundation. After that, bricks are laid in between a set of guideposts that determine each row of bricks and mortar lines. The contractor must be careful to ensure no misalignment from one end to the other, a common mistake for beginners and a sign that you might not be working with the most experienced professional on the market.

While there is no shortage of cheaper masonry contractors out there, hiring someone like that will usually end up incurring its own hidden costs in the long run, and it’s something that you should generally avoid if you are investing in something that’s supposed to last a long time. Do the job right once, and you won’t have to spend extreme amounts of money fixing mistakes. Later on, an unfortunate situation that many people find themselves in after thinking that they’re clever with hiring someone less experienced. It may work out for other parts of the project, but definitely not for your masonry contractor.

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