4 Most Common Reasons For Extreme Stress

Most people admit that they stress at least several times a day for a variety of different reasons. Some people are less prone to stress than others, while others intensely stress over seemingly small things. However, when stress becomes so high that it takes over your life, usually people tend to be going through extremely legitimately stressful experiences.

When it comes to the most common things that people report are going through, which make them lean towards extreme stress, these are the top 4.

Going Through Litigation

Going through a legal battle is something that is time-consuming and requires finding a lawyer and being able to pay them. Beyond the stresses of being able to fund going through a case, it can be tense, feeling as if you don’t have control over the situation and are at the mercy of the court. Things can get heated and stressful, which can lead to feeling extremely stressed out about what the outcome will be.

To stay as calm as possible during a litigation process, you should try to remember that you will need patience and sometimes all you can do is do your best. Try to get all of your ducks in a row and ride out the storm. The stress won’t last forever.


Moving is something that is incredibly exciting and the promise of a new start. However, when you have planted roots in a home, this means that you have probably accumulated lots of things. Having to pack everything up and put them into boxes can be incredibly time-consuming. You can start to feel overwhelmed with everything that you have to sift through.

There is also the stress of having to purge things that you may be sentimentally attached to. Not only is the process of moving stressful, but after that, there is the stress of unpacking and settling into your new place. This can take months to completely unpack for people with busy schedules, leading to feelings of stress and a lack of stability since everything is inboxes.

Starting a New Job

Starting a new job is something that can make the most confident of people sweat. When you are used to being comfortable in the workplace and know your way around, switch to an entirely new environment, which can be completely jolting.

Having to start fresh as if you are the new kid in school is a lot for your ego to handle. Not to mention having to learn a new system and adapt.

A New Baby

Having a new baby is incredibly joyful and exciting; however, it is also exhausting. The lack of sleep and new full-time responsibility can make people’s stress levels peak. It is not uncommon for new parents to experience extreme stress and fatigue.

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