4 Ways To Get In Shape Before Summer

With the summer approaching, there can be a lot of anticipation about returning to shorts and skirts. Since your legs haven’t seen the light of day in almost a year and you’ve likely been eating more during winter, you may start to dread wearing a bathing suit.

Shape Before Summer

However, it’s not too late to get started to get your summer bod. Here are some tips for getting into shape for the summer and looking hot in no time.


Doing a cardio workout is a great way to burn fat. By working out hard at least three times a week, you’ll find that you’ll start to drop weight faster than just diet alone.

When you do cardio, ensure you’re working hard enough to be out of breath and find it difficult to talk comfortably. This breathing level is usually the best indication that you’re getting in a workout that will make a difference in the long run.


Cut Out Sugar

Sugar is one of those things that will make a big difference in your overall physique. When you eat a lot of sugar, you not only feel hungry faster, but you’re filling your body with empty calories, making you gain weight.

Try to cut it out entirely for a few months, and you’ll be shocked at the weight loss results that it can produce.

Get a Diet App

By purchasing an app that will assist you in counting calories and inputting calories burned by exercising. This is much more motivating than traditional diet methods, like using a paper and calculator throughout the day to keep track of your food diary.

The nice thing about diet apps is that you can find thousands of foods already inputted into the system rather than individually input each item’s macronutrients.

Walk To Work

Making the effort of walking to work every day will burn hundreds of calories. You’ll feel better and find that doing this in addition to your diet and exercise will kickstart your weight loss and get you to your goal loss much sooner.

You may want to purchase a step counter like a Fitbit to stay motivated. Having a daily goal to aim for and seeing how many calories you burn will motivate you to keep going.

You can even connect with other friends and compete for who gets the most daily steps. This extra competitive edge is an encouraging and fun way to exercise with friends and family members as a team.

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