Great Destinations For Unique Beauty Treatments

When discussing a dream summer vacation, most people think about the sun, parties, and crystalline waters. However, in many cases, this is not enough. Many love relaxing breaks, sometimes filled with unique beauty treatments. Every one of the destinations mentioned below will offer you high-quality beauty services. Consider them for your following vacation. Just make sure you discuss things with lawyers like Rees Law Firm to see if there are some legal aspects you must be aware of or if you need insurance.

Mexico – Cactus Massages

Cactus Self-Care? Learn The How And The Why | Unpacked


History lovers will always love Mexico because of all the artifacts that can be seen. At the same time, the destination is perfect for those seeking a Hakali massage. This is a regenerating treatment that will utilize cactus leaves in combination with special waters for bodily application. This rejuvenates the skin and is a unique experience you can enjoy while visiting the country.

Japan – Snail Spit Peel

Snail's face: Japan's slimy new beauty treatment | Fashion – Gulf News

One of the first things you notice when you look at Asian people is that they are aging at a prolonged rate. This is because of various beauty treatments available in the country. One of them uses snails, which are highly common in the country. Studies showed that snails crawling on faces actively remove dead cells while skin is hydrated and pores are purified. At the same time, sunburns are going to be soothed.

Russia – Birch Toning

Birch Milk Refining Toner – Then I Met You

The beauty treatment is called Banja. The treatment is combining the sauna with the Turkish bath we all know. An addition is made in using birch as the treatment begins. Then, cold water is applied so that the skin is reinvigorated. Following this, a soap massage will be done. Everything is finished with an exfoliating glove to remove all dead cells. To make the process complete, a honey mask is applied.

Prague – Beer Bath

Prague is renowned worldwide for the numerous beers that can be experienced, but did you know that beer can also be used in the city as a spa beauty treatment? Look for a center offering beer baths in tubs filled with the drink. That will relieve stress, tiredness, and even muscle tension. You can have a beer right after.

Iceland – Miraculous Natural Baths

Nature baths in Iceland

Iceland is a country where it is cold most of the year, but if you visit Reykjavik, you can go to a lake that has a 39-degree Celsius temperature. It promises some miraculous benefits and is listed among the main marvels of the world. This is where you can get a water massage, numerous spa treatments, and a lovely steam bath. Warm water is filled with seaweed and minerals, helping cure various skin conditions.

Indonesia – Snake Massage

Snake Massage Center: Massage with Pythons | Indonesian snake spa: Chill out with a fang tastic full body python massage | PiPa News

In Jakarta, tourists can enjoy an incredible experience, an unusual treatment: a snake massage. If you are adventurous, snakes will slither around the back, creating a truly incomparable sensation with the released adrenaline increasing your body tone. This is not something that many will want to try.

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