With winter upon us, we all must prepare to do battle with cold, reduced light, snow-storms and, if you’re living the single life, the dread of those lonely winter nights. We all have different ways of coping with the particular challenges of winter, whether you invest in a SAD lamp to counter seasonal depression, disappear to south-east Asia for a month or work out every morning to increase endorphins, there are ways make winter more bearable.

One method that is especially festive is to host dinner parties on a regular basis. Making a habit of getting people together to eat good food and talk about what’s going on in their lives is a fantastic way to lift the weight of what can often be a difficult and depressing time of year. Sharing a good laugh with friends, eating some slow cooked meat and roasted root vegetables and downing a few glasses of good wine or craft cocktails is a sure fire way to lift everyone’s spirits for an evening. Whether you cook yourself, do it pot luck style, or have the party catered, everyone loves a warm winter meal on a cold night to pack on some extra pounds against the cold.

If you are throwing a large-scale party in this vein and you don’t want to deal with the setup, serving or clean up, visit the Bartendo website and check out the bartending and event staffing options that they offer. Hiring a professional bartender also allows you to offer a selection of delicious craft cocktails that will make your party a hit. Listed below are four awesome winter cocktails that will knock your socks off:

The Greyhound

While some may argue that this is a summer cocktail, it is also a way to brighten up your winter and add a bit of vitamin C to your diet. Another point in its favour is that it is extremely easy to mix: just stir a couple ounces of gin or vodka together with five ounces of grapefruit juice (preferably fresh squeezed) and add a pinch of salt if you fancy. Refreshing, delicious and healthy (well, kind of).




A welcome bevvy for a cold winter’s night, penicillin blends lemon juice, honey and fresh ginger with a good healthy splash of Scotch. It is preferable to use an extremely potent, pungent, peaty scotch along the lines of Laphroaig for the drink to pack its desired punch. Excellent as a night cap and tastier than cough syrup if you’re suffering from a cold.

Hot Toddy

Perhaps the most classic winter cocktail of all time, the hot toddy is simply whisky mixed with lemon, boiling water, cloves and sugar. A hot, soothing bevvy that will leave you feeling warm in body and spirit. If you are down with the flu or fever, this drink will definitely console you as you read a good book in bed on your sick day.


A household name of a cocktail that looks and tastes great, drinking a Manhattan makes you feel like you’re hanging out in a Scott Fitzgerald novel. Traditionally rye whiskey mixed with sweet vermouth, lots of bitters and garnished with a cherry. A consistent crowd pleaser of the cocktail connoisseur crowd, you really can’t go wrong.