Fake update app hints millions

An app that promised software program updates to Samsung phone customers has reportedly duped over 10 million users. The app, earlier to be had in the Google Play shop, changed into Updates for Samsung – Android Update Versions. This app had nothing to do with Samsung or Samsung telephones. But as soon as a user established it, believing that this is a reliable Samsung app for software program and firmware updates, it served that user commercials and, in many instances, requested a user for rate earlier than an update will be downloaded.

Aleksejs Kuprins, a malware analyst on the CSIS Security Group, told ZDNet, “I even have contacted the Google Play Store and asked them to remember eliminating this app.” Google has acted on requests made using Kuprins because the app is now not to be had.

It also means that if you are using such an app — see the name again, it’s miles called Updates for Samsung – Android Update Versions — you need to uninstall it without delay.


“It could be wrong to choose humans for mistakenly going to the legit software keep for the firmware updates after shopping for a brand new Android device,” said the security researcher. “Vendors regularly package deal their Android OS builds with an intimidating range of software programs, and it can without difficulty get puzzling. A consumer can experience a piece misplaced during the (device) replacement process. Hence, they can make the mistake of going to a reliable application shop to look for a device replacement.”

Kuprins confirms that this app has no affiliation with Samsung. Updates for Samsung are nothing greater than an advert-crammed website to trick humans. If you pass by using the app’s review phase, you can see users complaining about it. Kuprins confirms, “During our tests, we too have determined that the downloads do not finish, even if using a reliable network.”

The faux software claimed that it would offer customers unfastened in addition to paid Samsung firmware updates. It is vital to note that there are no paid firmware or OS updates from Samsung for those who use its telephones. All legit Samsung updates are unfastened.

After going through the app’s source code, Kuprins said that the app confined the rate of free downloads and, in the end, confirmed Time-Out, forcing human beings to pay for a feature it wasn’t even imparting. After crashing the free downloads, Updates for Samsung reportedly drove users to purchase a $34.Ninety-nine (Rs 2,400) package deals to renew downloads.

Thankfully, the app constrained itself to show ads and exhorting money from unsuspecting customers. It failed to set up any virus on the cellphone or stole nonpublic information from users.

“I haven’t observed the app to perform anything malicious at the device,” Kuprins said. “However, when the app is open – it does display a whole lot of full-screen advertisements, nearly after each other tap at the screen.”

The welfare of the personnel and their prosperity is one of the number one targets of the Samsung Group’s strong organization. The ethical adherence and allegiance of Samsung’s staff/personnel, just like every other rich company, is probably one of its biggest belongings. The industry is no longer a gaggle of technologies at work; however, it is a conglomeration of human efforts and numerous people’s sincere participation concerning the mental components of human individuals working inside the framework of business enterprise strategies. A corporation can’t stand in isolation from society’s wider factors, aspirations, and problems. The Samsung philosophy outstandingly looks after this via its visions and tips.

  • The simple values practiced using Samsung can be summarized below the following headings:
  • People: An effort to provide prosperity to employees and other people involved with the enterprise
  • Excellence: Passion for excellence in every region concerned.
  • Change: Adaptation to rapid changes within the global economy
  • Integrity: Maintaining proper ethical preferences and ensuring fairness and transparency.
  • Co-Prosperity: Creating a possibility for others—proving itself to be a responsible corporate citizen.

The Samsung Global Code of Conduct, laid formally with the aid of Samsung Electronics, fully conforms with the nice requirements you will think of. This Code of Conduct lies at the heart of the industry, and it throbs vibrantly inside the discharge of all its activities throughout the Globe.

The Samsung Global code of behavior targets making it a world leader in the corporate area. There are seven truly defined elements to be recognized with the world-leading Samsung:

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