Samsung Not Targeting Undecided Smartphone Buyers in India

Chinese handset maker Xiaomi and South Korean tech, most important Samsung, are focusing on customers searching out smartphones within respective manufacturers and no longer the ones who are undecided, a new report stated on Monday.

Both smartphone gamers also specialize in customers looking for smartphones with a determined mind. The percentage of voice or SOV of Xiaomi is sixty-seven percent and 47 shares for Samsung, said the market research company employing techARC in its “Digital and E-Commerce SOV insights for Smartphones” document.

Share of voice in online advertising is an advert revenue model specializing in weight or percentage among other advertisers.


When users are searching for smartphones, using general keyphrases (where the user hasn’t made up the thoughts), different manufacturers (non-Samsung and Xiaomi) had a blended SOV of 38 percent.

Samsung and Xiaomi don’t have any presence within the digital advertising effects for such keywords. As a result, folks seeking out any phone become touchdown at commercials of different manufacturers.

“E-commerce is becoming an overcrowded space for smartphones, and it becomes vital for their virtual advertising teams to play their playing cards well.

“They must make sure that they’re prominently and properly gifted while a consumer is looking for a cellphone,” stated Faisal Kawoosa, Founder and Chief Analyst of techARC.

E-trade portals like Amazon and Flipkart enjoy 42 percent SOV in the case of universal key phrases, assisting different manufacturers in coming to the attention of prospective customers.

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