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We stay in a high-quality era. Never before was the opposition so extreme, possibilities so strong, and demanding situations so daunting. It is because of one giant phenomenon: globalization.

To me, globalization is sourcing capital from in which it’s miles cheapest, sourcing talent from in which it’s miles fine to be had, generating in which it’s miles maximum cost-effective, and selling where it’s miles maximum worthwhile — without being confined using countrywide obstacles.

In this globalized or flat international, every state that has something to contribute to the worldwide bazaar can improve the lives of now not simply it’s very own people however humans throughout the globe — the wealthy and the terrible, the urban and the rural, the powerful and the susceptible, the educated and the no longer-so-nicely-educated.*A5xOQQdeoDL8tUe-MYbbxw.png

Never before within the last 200 years did the growing international locations have a possibility to take their proportion of limelight as they do these days, and it is all thanks to globalization. In reality, presently, more than half of the sector’s GDP (measured on buying strength parity) is accounted for by way of the growing international locations.

The globalized international is largely about how fast you could innovate and develop new ideas, implement them and advantage competitive benefit in the marketplace so you can create a higher enterprise, society, us of a and international. Thus, hardworking and well-knowledgeable humans are the key differentiators for a nation in this flat world.

It is quite herbal for humans to marvel whether generation, in widespread, and software program era, specifically, has any primary function in helping the negative in the international. They do and let me tricky. Technology makes humans’ lifestyles greater effective and extra relaxed by decreasing fees, enhancing productivity, saving time, and enhancing consolation.

Let me come up with some examples to demonstrate the strength of IT for the bad. In Pondicherry, fishers use wave pattern information at the high seas broadcast by using the USA Navy to enhance their yield via as a good deal as 40 percent. India’s NASSCOM used IP-based total video conferencing to convey joy and relief to a taxi driving force and his family in Mumbai by connecting him with his circle of relatives in a far-off village in Uttar Pradesh. A stability inquiry at a staffed bank counter charges Rs 40. The equal transaction fees Rs 8 at an automatic teller machine, while the net brings the cost right down to simply Rs 2.

Technology is a great leveler. It does no longer distinguish between the wealthy and the poor. The use of the e-governance paradigm to deploy less expensive, efficient, quick and corruption-loose community offerings is another case in point. Information generation complements transparency in decision-making and, hence, improves people’s self-belief in the government.

Now, let me come to an essential purpose for why Bangladesh, with its massive knowledgeable populace, ought to embody global software program opportunities. Today, we stay in a worldwide village. No country can have the funds to isolate itself from the worldwide market.

Even international locations that did so for a few a long time realized their mistake and were given lower back to the worldwide bazaar and feature succeeded in improving their prosperity by improving their GDP share. We have to cognizance on an export orientation for some of the reasons.

First, each u. S. Leverages its aggressive benefits to trade inside the worldwide bazaar services and products that leverage those advantages. This is an excellent way to create jobs in Bangladesh.

Second, you need to maintain a sure healthful proportion of exports and home sales to ensure balanced and de-risked growth inside the economic system.

Third, an export orientation allows Bangladeshi organizations to benchmark their products and services on a worldwide scale. If you be successful within the highly-competitive global marketplace, you are in all likelihood to provide wonderful products at exceptional expenses even inside the home market.

Now, let me come to what areas of software program export Bangladesh can focus on. Given its big population and its big educated workforce, the export of offerings is based totally on faraway software improvement and maintenance (ADM) and commercial enterprise; outsourcing would be viable for Bangladesh for the long term. This version might be triumphant so long as the opportunity for the outsourcing of software program improvement and maintenance remained.

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