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Expect Luxury From Your Lincoln Dealer

Lincoln isn’t just a luxury brand; it’s known as the traditionalist among luxury car manufacturers for sticking to what it’s good at a quiet, elegant drive. Arriving in a Lincoln means you arrive cool and collected, ready to shake hands with the toughest negotiator or make an impression on an evening out. Whether you’re interested in the reinvigorated Lincoln Continental or, as a family driver, you need the spacious interior of a Navigator, you know Lincoln delivers safety, performance, and a superior experience.


With the recent announcement of details about the 2018 Lincoln Navigator, including a Black Label package that’s sure to be coveted, drivers are looking forward to the fall when the SUV lands in dealerships. Reviewers are already saying that the brand has done a stellar job updating its signature SUV with a long list of real improvements, including:


  • A quieter interior thanks to laminated windows, a noise-canceling system that will make you feel collected and cool on your drive, and air ducts that have been tinkered to quiet down.
  • A first-rate entertainment system, including a Revel stereo system and optional 10″ screens mounted to the backs of the front seats, can be connected to USB or Bluetooth; even more incredible, passengers get their audio controls.
  • The French-stitched leather seats and the front row’s 30-way power seats are heated and cooled, and climate control is in the back rows.
  • A meticulous attention to detail: a steering wheel, handles wrapped in stitched leather, and a push-button shifter that Motortrend describes as resembling “the keys of a Steinway piano.”
  • Six driving modes: Normal, Conserve (eco), Excite (sport), Slippery (for weather conditions like rain and ice), Deep Conditions (for deep snow or mud), and Slow Climb, for getting over steep hills when you’re off-road.
  • A standard 360-degree camera system, parking assistance, and adaptive cruise control to take some of the stress out of bad commutes – adaptive cruise control made for commuters will follow the car ahead of yours at a safe distance with no intervention from the driver.

But shouldn’t your local Lincoln dealership in Brampton deliver a luxury experience up to the brand’s standards? As a discerning car buyer, you should expect a no-pressure showroom environment. A dealership should employ sales staff to help you and answer your questions, not force you into a deal you don’t want. That’s one of the promises made by Brampton Lincoln dealer Colony Lincoln and their commitment to a stress-free ownership experience. It pays to find out what stress-free ownership means; it’s all about providing a top-notch service center and customer service that lasts years down the road. Local dealers like Colony Lincoln thrive on repeat business, and they know that you achieve repeat business through ongoing customer relations. A luxury dealer should help through all your years of ownership. You’re at the wrong dealer if they vanish when you’ve made the sale. Instead, stay local and find the best deal.

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