Earbuds Versus External Headphones

Imagine a life without headphones or any other listening device or cool gadgets – you’d be sitting in your airplane seat, quite content with yourself. The plane takes off and everybody starts watching different things and a thousand different noises start attacking your ears – Pure cacophony.

Have you recently bought a music player and are wondering whether to get earbuds or headphones for it? Yeah, well everybody at some point of time has done it and it’s quite a dilemma because both of them have their own pros and cons. Weighing one against the other can be bit of a trouble, especially when people confuse one with the other.



Headphones – what are they? As the name indicates, they are just listening devices that wrap all the way around the head. They can be used with pretty much anything that has the respective socket for the pin. They have two loudspeakers that wrap around the ear or sometimes, one single speaker. When we talk about single speaker, we don’t mean that one of them is broken; in fact, we mean that there is a microphone on the other end. Most headphones come with a microphone that can be used to send sound signals, or in simpler terms, talk while the person on the other end can hear and respond. Typically, a headphone can be used with any device that has an audio output. For instance, the MP3/MP4 players or a laptop or a tablet PC or even a personal desktop computer will have ports that the headphone and the microphone can connect to. Some phones are compatible with the headphone, while most others come with their own listening devices.

If you have ever sat in the middle of a public library or museum bored out of your mind – wanting some music instead of having to skim through boring books or look at exhibits, your headphone can come into the picture, letting you listen to music without disturbing the other people, most importantly the librarian or the museum tour guide. A more credible experience would be when you have to sit in the library, listen to some educational tapes while having to look up some reference material. Also while using public transport, also read as noisy environment, you might want to go to your own noiseless private spot and listen to music in peace. So, there it is – whether it is because you don’t want to disturb others or because you don’t want the environment to disturb you while listening to your music, a headphone can be used.

Let’s broach the topic of earbuds. They are definitely the kind that you’d want to clean your ears with because they are too expensive. But again, as the name indicates, they are like small buds that go inside the ear canal and aid in better audio. They are considerably smaller and do not provide a complete envelope to the ear like headphones. They can be used in pretty much the same environment as a headphone, but the only thing is that they do not drown ambient noise completely. So, you’ll have to listen to music on close-to-the-maximum volume if you’re looking to drown ambient noise.

A comparative analysis of these devices would significantly improve your stance on the selection of one of them. Headphones are bulkier, bigger and more expensive than earbuds. In fact, if you’re a traveler and not too keen on the audio output, you’ll decide to go in for a pair of earbuds rather than a headphone because earbuds can be coiled around and reduced to an area of not more than 4 square centimeters. Headphones have better sound effects and deeper rhythms, so audiophiles go in for headphones than for earbuds. Noise cancellation is what you’d be looking at if you’re a regular subway traveler or if you take the high road. Headphones are best at that whereas with earbuds, you’ll have to drown down the external sound by increasing the volume.

Since earbuds go deep into your ear canal, it might not suit everybody. While size would be one thing, pure paranoia of having objects inside the ear canal would be another reason why you’d want to shun away from earbuds. The small size of the earbuds can be an advantage as well as disadvantage – its compactness is just one side of the coin while you’ll have to realize that it’s really easy to lose them. Headphones are durable and have better sound effects than earbuds, but their size could prevent you from wanting to carry it around. It would look like you need a separate bag to carry your listening device which is not really preferable. Sometimes, headphones just isolate you from the rest of the world around you – in fact, so much that you’d not be aware of things happening around you. However, the good news about headphones is that you can connect it through Bluetooth.

The idea is simple – depending on the sound effects you desire, the size of the listening device and size of your wallet, you choose between headphones and earbuds. If you’re looking for earbuds, you can choose a model which costs you around $10 and depending on the clarity you require, you can go up to models which are priced at $250 and more. Some common brands worth considering are Yamaha, Thinksound, Sennheiser and Bose. Headphones are more expensive and the cheapest you’d find would be priced at $80 to $100. Some headphones even cost you more than $400. All you need to do is list a few brands or Chinese products if you’re looking for cheaper goods and search it online. A good review website would be CNET reviews for all your music needs while any search engine would be able to provide you with details of the product you’re looking for.

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