Sony WI-C600N Review: Balanced sound and a sprint of noise cancellation

I chose the perfect time to check out Sony’s WI-C600N, a new entrant in the neckband fashion earphones class, bringing noise cancellation to the more low-priced, sporty, on-the-go form aspect. I had a crew of carpenters and polishers operating within the house, so there was much scraping and shuffling taking place and, of the route, a consistent buzz of chatter, making it hard for me to pay attention to something. All hammering and sawing achieved with, I turned into left with the quieter noise that noise cancellation has to be capable of tackling. Did it? We’ll see. But right here’s a tour of the brand-new earphones…

The WI-C600N comes in a naked-bones package without extras. You do get a USB-Type-C charging cable and some greater silicon ear suggestions. No sporting case, but possibly they’re intended to sit down around your neck most of the time. Fit These are in-earphones and cross properly into your ear canal—the default ear guidelines made for a secure fit in my case. The neckband could be very light and sit properly strong across the neck. Nothing connects it to the playback device but Bluetooth because it’s wireless. However, the earbuds connect, of course, through the neckband from which they dangle with their wires.


The earbuds can snap together magnetically to stay secure from getting tangled up with this and that and with every other. The magnetic snap doesn’t flip off the tune as with other earphones. The neckband is fabricated from an elastic, smooth material, ordinary of these products. There aren’t any real layout factors or accents concerned, so obviously, Sony determined not to waste time and prices with that. However, it sits good enough at the neck, not very firmly, and may have forward or back a chunk and turn out to be no longer so perfectly aligned, but it won’t fall off and may safely be worn for the day if the battery has been to final.

One connects the earphones immediately via NFC or Bluetooth, employing urgent and maintaining the electricity button down for a second till it blinks purple and blue. Also, download the Sony Headphones Connect app for diverse styles of high-quality-tuning consisting of using the equalizer pu, getting noise cancellation vs. ambient sound, or placing a button to trigger the personal assistant — Google or Siri for the moment, but in all likelihood, Alexa someday quickly. Features and usage Sony has priced the WI-C600N earphones at Rs 10,990 to carry noise cancellation to greater, less expensive ranges. But the performance of this selection doesn’t evaluate with the more high-priced products available, including Sony.

Because the earbuds seal the sound properly into the ear canal, turning at the tune in itself has the byproduct of slicing out some of the noise. But turning on energetic noise cancellation doesn’t have much of a dramatic impact beyond that. It’s now not like human beings can be speaking to you, and all you see is their mouths transferring. I could still hear people speakme and arguing inside the next room in my environment, even though I couldn’t make out the phrases. It was just about whether the music sounded sufficient to attend to something or pay attention to the track. However, it changed into a viable way to listen to that humans were speaking or even discover who it was. Subtler sounds like the hum of a noisy heater could be tuned out, so you can assume a quiet aircraft to get softer.

The single button that toggles noise modes additionally brings in ambient sounds for a while; you want to pay attention to what is going on around you, but not let go of the tune. Again, I didn’t locate the distinction between the modes separated enough. It becomes simply less difficult to pop out the earbud and then back again to pay attention to something. You can call the sound quality at the WI-C600N flat or balanced, depending on how you look at it. You get an easy sound with the whole lot being about equal.

These earphones are not heavy on the bass, which is a superb factor that isn’t the healthiest to construct for in-ear audio products. But the bass is a gentle gift, and the overall sound enjoyment is best, with not anything being harsh or jarring. Battery Life The claimed battery existence is 6.5 with noise cancellation on and 7.5 with it off; however, despite an overnight charge, I could drain out the battery in 4.Three hours. This can be because I turned the tune on too loud or a one-off with my review unit. Sony promises to provide every aspect of the earphones, so whether you control to snap a cable or locate a horrific battery, you may take the earphones to a Sony provider middle. Price: Rs 10,990 Pros: Comfortable match, precise ear seal, first-rate sound high-quality, moved to USB Type C Cons: Active noise cancellation not robust, the battery didn’t live as much as a said period.

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