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Circuit Board Shielding: An Overview

Sometimes, when you buy a brand new electronic gadget, it doesn’t perform up to its expectation. You might blame it on many things, that might go wrong with the gadget, but generally it is due to the PCB or the Printed Circuit Board. PCB is that part which mechanically supports the gadget and connects it electrically. However, PCB is not the only thing that might go wrong with your gadget, but there is also the factor of EMI or Electromagnetic Interference. EMI or electromagnetic interference is a disruptive energy which is basically emitted from every other electronic device. Now, let’s see how EMI disrupts the performance of a gadget. In today’s world, most of the systems are wireless, and hence, the internal wires all receive radio signals or some other type of signals and also transmits them. These signals cumulatively disrupt the overall functioning of the gadget and these signals give rise to EMI or Electromagnetic Interference. Now, to avoid this, a gadget needs a smart designing of the PCB, and also a shielding solution which will help the gadget to be saved from the EMI of other gadgets. A shielding solution basically saves the gadget from receiving spurious signals from other gadgets, and hence, helps the gadget run in a better performance scale.

EMI Shielding: An Integral part of PCB Design

Most of the devices we use today, smartphones, tablets and televisions all emit EMI or Electromagnetic Interference generally for two sources, that is, RF or the Radio Frequency which transmits the signal from the gadget and the other are the internal circuits of the gadget. In the modern day, the main challenge that a designer face, in manufacturing a gadget is that, they have to design a PCB which will not emit EMI. Once, designing the PCB is done, the next thing that designers have to work on, is shielding the other parts of the gadget to protect it from the electromagnetic interference from other gadgets.

Shielding Varieties

There are many types of shields which are used in electronic gadgets to protect them from EMI or Electromagnetic Interference. Though, every gadget does not have to be installed with the same shielding, and that is why there are six types of shielding. Now, circuit board shields are also, generally available in many sizes and shapes. They can also be made up of a variety of metals, which can range from stainless steel to conductive foams and metal films. The shields that are used for PCB are basically very sophisticated and has electrically conductive interfaces, which basically makes these shields more effective and helps the gadget to function more smoothly.

In ideal cases, EMI shields should have a sealed container, with no minute openings. But in practicality, achieving that is never possible and that is why, leaking generally happens from these openings in the EMI shields, and for this, preventive measures need to be taken. EMI shields cannot be in a sealed container since, there are many wires which goes in and comes out, and hence, there would be openings, no matter what.

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