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Best Green Spaces for a Sunny Afternoon in London

London is a place of exploring dreams. Exploring the greenery is one of the choices every travel freak loves to make. In this pandemic situation of COVID-19 Coronavirus, places of the visit have almost lost their color without any human trace in any place. Yet, the lockdown has set to coincide with the arrival of summer.

So much sunshine that is beating down on the capital has turned the people’s choice towards parklands, green lawns, and greenery around the place they live in.

London in the Sunshine | Royal Lancaster London

Here are some tips that help you gather information for the best green spaces necessary for a sunny afternoon in London. You can take the help of RS Reisen & Schlafen for your next trip.

The Regent’s Park

Since traveling abroad is put to restriction. Therefore there are no other ways other than to explore the green lushes and fragrance reveal in the current area you are living in. To add a special mark to the pandemic situation and lockdown holidays, all you can do is to figure out the best green spaces in the capital. The gorgeous gardens of Regent’s park are one such example. The London Zoo is nearby, so kids and youngsters would love to be among these greeneries. These lawns serve as the best green spaces for a sunny afternoon in London.

Hampstead Heath

The next green space you can explore is Hampstead Heath. This place tends to be in the preferable positions comparatively. Hampstead heath is famous for the several collections of ponds in the place. There are no such flowerbeds and lawns that are ever prepared with trim. The spells of hot weather make it one of the best spaces for a sunny afternoon in London.

Clapham Common

Clapham Common is distinctively one of the best spaces for a sunny afternoon in London. The perimeter is filled in with cafes and outdoor sporting facilities. The sprawling lawns of the place are sure to bring out the sunshine for people sitting over there. The only you need to maintain is to keep up with the social distancing of the place. RS Reisen und Schlafen can help you on your next trip to Germany.

Crystal Palace Park

The ground of Crystal Palace Park in the grounds of the famous Victorian London. This park is remarkably one of the best places to enjoy the sunshine. The subways of this park are abandoning from human visits leaving behind the occasional times. The dinosaur and its specific features are put to picture portrayal. Unless this lockdown sets off permanently, you cannot simply explore new places or travel destinations.

Final Words

In cold countries and places where temperatures rise high very less, sunshine is the most welcoming factor. The above names are a mix of hot weather that starts from short-haul sunshine to a Christmas on the beach. Smiling people with exotic scenes and the music comply with the air. These are, of course, some of the best hitters. There is indeed no end to the natural sunshine and cool breeze. Stay in touch and catch the latest updates.

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