Invest in Cryptocurrency: A Good Choice for People with Criminal Record

If you have certain crimes on your criminal record, you may find it difficult to find a good job. You can’t wait for record expungement because it will take time, and you may need money for your daily necessities. You can start your own business and invest in cryptocurrencies in this situation. Moreover, hire a good Record Expungement Attorney to represent your case in court for positive outcomes.

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Cryptocurrency Investment Options

BitoPro plans to offer essential marketing services for innovative and promising blockchain technologies. These lack significant startup capital. These services include token sales on exchanges, market expansion, and modes of commerce. You can use BITO Coin for payment of benefits.

Token launches of BitoPro will (during launch periods) enable people with Bito Coin to get the advantage of advanced purchase privileges for cryptocurrencies. They may offer a discount at a similar time.

Hosted tokens of BitoPro and cryptocurrencies provided these would be accessible in operation centers of BitoPro around the world. They anticipate the launch of promising cryptocurrencies and collecting charges from suppliers. It is expected that these fees can be paid in BITO coins.

BitoPro anticipates, under BITO Coin user-held volumes, supplying a particular amount in airdrop and BITO coin. The BitoPro have specific plans for the sale of their new tokens.

Token Exchange

You can purchase famous tokens like ALLN and Pandacoin from a token exchange. After completing each purchase, the transaction can’t be reserved or refunded for the sale of this token before purchasing.

To protect your interests and rights, understand the terms and conditions of BitoPro exchanges. Checking the price and amount of purchase is essential. Purchasing Pandacoin or ALLN tokens may not guarantee a profit, so you have to continue with discretion.

BitoPro reserves the right to terminate, retain, and chain the account for suspicion of unlawful transactions. You can see the details of changes on their official channel and website.

Understand ALLEN

Airline and Life Networking Token (ALLEN) is a decentralized platform of Huafu Enterprise Holdings Limited. The system aims to interconnect with the flight services of FAT (Fast Eastern Air Transport), increasing the possibility of further broadening and densifying its network in several regions.

The association of cryptocurrency with a stable consumption economy obtains the support of large enterprises. It intended to become a blockchain-based leading system for actual consumption.

This system can be a reliable channel for consumption, smart contracts, and allocation of an asset.

ALLEN Application

ALLEN follows a credit card’s consumption style to establish a settlement center for clearing and other procedures. They want to decrease the time to form business cooperation and exchange commodities efficiently. These efforts can increase the practical use of cryptocurrency.

ALLEN allows you to get a discount on different services, such as exchanging merchandise, tickets, and other services. You can get a value between 12% and 45% on air transport.

The ALLEN is useful for exchanging FAT tickets and external services. You can use ALLN to get a high discount.


Digital Pandacoin (PND) is easy to understand and use. You can download PandaBank to store Pandacoins designed with a particular banking interface. You can easily purchase PND or follow a systematic tutorial for mining.

People can easily obtain these coins and start mining through an internet browser. You can use PayPal to make purchases. Panda coins are easy to understand for everyone. You can earn almost 2.5% yearly interest on coins by storing them in PandaBank. To get interested, you must install PandaBank and have a reliable internet connection to unlock everything.

The inflation rate is an important issue, and governments worldwide try to sustain it around 2 – 3 percent for a healthy economy. PND coins are designed to stimulate the yearly inflation rate to 2.5%. Bitcoin suffered an almost 10% inflation rate in 2015.

Learn about Token Exchange Bitopro

BitoPro international token exchange targets global investors that BitMEX may establish. The business is based on four years of victorious experience operating Bitcoin wallets and trading services in Taiwan.

BitoPro wants to establish a top-notch exchange for blockchain assets to offer global investors a convenient, professional, and reliable platform. They want to develop operations in Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and India. They want to decrease the barriers of trading and investment risks for users of these countries.

BitMEX wants to provide digital services to the whole world. Within the law’s restrictions, every jurisdiction is working better. The business scope of BitoPro includes trading services and cryptocurrencies, such as leverage trading, crypto-financing, crypto-to-crypto trading, and fiat trading.

BitoPro will provide users with the management function of an advanced digital asset, customer support, and risk management tools to meet every investor’s investment needs. Within the law’s boundaries, they plan to offer a reliable solution to global investors. They want to increase the convenience of investors. The largest barrier for investors busy in arbitrage is the cashing-out of fee requirements for numerous exchanges worldwide.

Along with all applicable laws, BitoPro provides a reliable solution for this problem by increasing global investors’ investment ability. They can use TT code to withdraw and deposit local fiat currencies at various operations of BitoPro.

BitoPro is becoming liquid and offers investors competitive transaction prices for digital assets. Besides trading services for digital assets, BitoPro aims to establish a reliable service for token marketing, targeting startup teams of blockchain with potential. Services are consulting services, marketing, and business services. The tokens can be traded on BitoPro around the world. It may increase the liquidity and transparency of the global token market.

Features of Platform

BitoPro is planning to provide several functions with BitoPro exchanges. The final decision of these functions will depend on the laws of each jurisdiction.

Independent Exchange (Fiat-to-Cryptocurrency)

BitoPro wants to establish operation centers and trading services in several countries to facilitate user management, match-making for trade, asset management, contract guarantee, and asset dissolution.

The operation center of BitoPro in different countries may offer comprehensive and independent fiat deposit and trading services. It will provide a convenient and fast way for investors to profit from fiat trading. The platform supports new Taiwanese Dollars with SGD, INR, and USD.

Trading for Fiat-to-Cryptocurrency

BitoPro is planning to provide diverse options for the trading of financial products. It may support primary cryptocurrencies, such as ETH, BCD, BTG, BCH, LTC, and BTC. The main mainstream cryptocurrencies like XEM, USDT, MIOTA, NEO, EOS, and XRP can be supported as per users’ needs. Cryptocurrencies that are created with the use of ERC20 support the Ethereum standard.

Crypto-to-Crypto Trading

Other than fiat trading, investors may trade with the use of cryptocurrencies. With this trading, investors can decrease the time and transactional costs ofof trading between cryptocurrencies by reducing the need for cryptocurrency exchange.

BitoPro offers crypto-to-crypto trading for USDT, ETH, and BTC as foundation currencies to timely and traditionally satisfy investors’ needs to exchange between several tokens.

Margin Trading

BitoPro wants to offer leverage services to users and investors with several financing needs. Users with great capital can loan different users to earn particular interest using P2P (peer-to-peer) financing services. Users can use these services to leverage their investments and make high-level profits.

BitoPro may determine the multiple leveraging as per the several different cryptocurrencies. The investors are exposed to various and larger risks and profits.

OTC Trading

BitoPro plans to provide a convenient OTC on different trading platforms for VIP investors to engage in P2P (point-2-point) transactions. BitoPro may not involve digital assets or currencies in the trades. It allows users to control the whole marketing and its security and procedure.

Low-Risk Global Arbitrage

Cryptocurrencies have different prices at several locations. Arbitrage is the main method of exchange. Because of transaction time, investors who wish to profit via arbitrage should overcome some hurdles, such as withdrawal of fiat, digital asset transfers, and KYC requirements.

BitoPro offers a solution by permitting users to trade in operation centers of BitoPro in several countries. It allows users to withdraw and deposit local fiat at operation centers using the TT code.

Business Plan of BitoPro

The business plan of BitoPro consists of several steps. See the details of this plan:


Registered customers may startup through BPC depositing. Clients may get the BPC by Ethereum and Bitcoin, depositing to the company’s wallet address and converting it into BPC.

Deposit Ethereum and BitCoin

Clients may receive a regular monthly payout of almost 30 percent, including the invested capital. These payouts may regularly add to the walletating from the next participation day. Clients can get these rewards, such as capital for six months (180 days) from the starting date.

Convert to BPC

Customers may withdraw their regular portion of the profit of BPC in the form of BTC. It can be converted into a login area. A minimum requirement for the balance is almost 2000 BPC for withdrawal.

Earn Regular Profits

Investors may earn a regular profit on their investment. They can benefit from investment plans under referral codes and avail of a 5% reward. Members can make a withdrawal from wallets at their convenience.

Members can get a hold of BPC in their wallet to profit within the BPC rate, depending on the conditions and volatility of the crypto market. Investors may hold several accounts with a particular vision to make significant investments under their name.

Even after setting up your business, you can’t forget about record expungement. It is necessary to have a clean record to open the doors to all possible opportunities.


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