The World is full of great leaders, the business and political spectrum is filled with men and women who have a natural ability to command people. These men and women make up some of the richest and most powerful people on the planet and whilst they all occupy different levels of authority, the large majority of them have the same type of skills which set them apart from the rest of us and makes them great leaders.

So what is it that makes a great leader? The good news is that it isn’t just a natural born ability and you can work on your leadership skills and develop them to become a great leader. Harris Ahmed Chicago-based CEO runs a company who work with businesses to improve their leaders and the level of leadership capability within their business, their results are proof that people can improve their talents and go on to become great leaders. Let’s take a look at some of the skills that these great leaders possess.

Driving Force

The best leaders are the driving force behind a team, they are the ones who are constantly giving 110% day in, day out and they inspire and encourage those around them through leading by example. The level of commitment shown by leaders is not matched by anyone else in the team and they are the driving force behind the team’s success.

Communication Skills

Leaders need to be excellent communicators, not just to convey their messages and their visions but also to hear feedback and listen to concerns. People often think that powerful men and women are just there to give out orders but this is far from the truth, in reality they do an awful lot more listening and talking. The greatest leaders are able to sift through all of the information which they hear and make smart decisions.




Leaders do not have to rule with an iron fist, they should be fair in both their discipline and in their rewarding and more importantly they should be consistent with both. The notion that leaders should have some kind of draconian attitude towards those who they lead is foolish, this never works in the modern day and whilst great leaders are required to be firm in their stance against indiscipline, they should also have an equal level of fairness in their approach.

Creativity and Forward Thinking

The greatest leaders throughout history and in the modern age are those who look beyond the now, those who seek to change, improve and radically alter what we currently have, for the better. Politicians and business leaders all have this trait in them, this ability to look to the future and the confidence that they can play a key role in shaping it. No great leader has ever stood still and waited for the world to catch up with them, on the contrary and it is this forward thinking approach that truly sets great leaders apart from this who simply have the skills to lead.