It is a common and sound practice when coming to a marketing agency to know what actions they can offer to you. All the suggestions are marked in a creative platform. Generally, the document covers the following issues:

  • Problems for resolving;
  • Goals;
  • Target audience;
  • Strategies for positioning;
  • Creative strategies;
  • Suggestions for advertising.

Experienced marketers generally offer 2-3 platforms for performing. All of them are in line with the concept of the company.

Common application time for a platform is 1-3 years. Of course, it can be used for more if the ideas performed are still actual. For example, logo of Nestle is older than a century, but it is still recognizable, history and reputation is behind it.

You should know something more

But creative platforms is only a half of the secret. Surveys showed that not more than 3% of online visitors make purchases. Cross platform advertising helps to cover not involved people. The message here is simple – you should be everywhere where potential customers can find information about you. This approach is often called a multi platform marketing.

For example media buiyng platform

DSP or demand side platform is platform that helps media buyers to buy online media and also helps media sellers or advertiser to reach the greatest demand and access the highest-paying deals. DSPs are most often used by advertisers and agencies to help them buy display, video, mobile and search ads.

Several years ago online ads were bought and sold by human and ad buyers. DSPs help make that process cheaper and more efficient by removing humans from parts of the process, as well as the need to negotiate ad rates and to manually fax ad insertion orders.

You can start with paid search. Every time a user is searching information about certain product or service your ad should also appear for him to click on it and examine the information.

But modern customers are tricky guys, they would like to learn about you from other resources. And you risk to lose them if you can’t support your presence as your rivals are certainly on the watch.

One more obligatory point in platform advertising is social networks. Up to 20% of free time is burnt on Facebook. Social platforms is a good tool for working with locals as targeting can be tuned there pretty easy. Here you can apply energy to your brand awareness. It is some kind of the bell for the customers who were still not ready to purchase. Posts with links to your main website will do much for it.

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