Are only fireworks harmful to the Environment?

Starting from young to old, every one of us is very fond of crackers or what we usually call Fireworks. Fireworks are nothing but the bundles of happiness that burst out into joy of colors when happiness is felt in our hearts. In that way, we people generally burst crackers during specific occasions like festivals, family celebrations, and even during political meetings or processions to express our joyfulness. But, in recent days, many people have a misconception that fireworks are dangerous to people’s environment and life. Bearing that in mind, a group of people legally raised their voice against fireworks in India. According to them, the smoke created during the burst of fireworks is actually a big threat to society, so they want it to be banned totally. From my perspective, fireworks’ smoke is not a huge issue compared to all the other human-made disturbances to the environment. Few minutes of fire & smoke that too happening infrequently is certainly not the real reason for our polluted surroundings. There are quite a lot of risky things around that are, in truth, ruining our environment every single day.

Fireworks do lead to momentary troubles.

Firecrackers and their shatter sounds have the power of kick-starting the excitement within oneself instantly. On the other hand, its effects on the environment are also inevitable. A few of them may include air & noise pollution, global warming, physical injury, and finally the garbage waste. Taking into account all the above-revealed effects, most of the people would have come up with a conclusion of banning the fireworks completely. When fireworks are burnt, only a considerable amount of smoke will be released. Even if it combines with the air, the mess up won’t last for a longer time. Bursting of Fireworks is not only the problem but also one of the tiny problems to the environment.


The environment has broken but not because of Crackers…

The environment is the greatest gift of God that man could ever possess. Without the help of our Mother Nature, nothing is possible on Earth. But are we really caring for our environment? If so, why the ultimate pollutants are forgotten, and poor firecrackers are blamed? The smoke of fireworks, which is released at rare times, is not as harmful as the industrial smoke, which comes out every day. We are the real destroyers of our beautiful environment, and it is obvious we consciously do that. Some of the major reasons for the environmental damage are automobile gas discharge, industrial smoke, emission from automobiles, and even festival bursts. Those mentioned above are very few disasters we do which are of course unavoidable except for festival bursts. This directly confirms the fact that fireworks are not completely harmful to the environment.

Fireworks give bliss and not Mess!!

Happiness with satisfaction is the feeling which we try to achieve every day. By the way, fireworks are the best choice of elements to attain what we perceive. The bursting of fireworks is a traditional custom which has been followed for centuries together during special occasions. Demolishing the tradition with just a word is totally unimaginable and impossible. Putting an end to the fireworks for the sake of temporary troubles is really not fair in any way. It indirectly trashes all the happiness of you and your family. Even though some small amounts of destruction happen with fireworks, they are still amazing and a symbol of Joy. On the whole, fireworks are hazardous, but bursting fireworks occasionally will surely cause big harm neither to the environment nor the people.

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