Learning the Symbology of the High Life

Whether we like it or not, we live in a society divided into different classes. The high rank is the low category. The upper class and the underclass. But no matter your type, it’s good to know the symbology and lifestyle that suggests the high life.

40 Common Symbols and Meanings (& How to Use Them)

It’s not a bad idea to recognize high-end jewelry, wearing high-end jewelry, you know they are a part of at least the financial elite. Middle and lower classes don’t wear expensive jewelry because it doesn’t make sense within the greater budgeting spectrum. It makes no difference to rich people if they’re willing to spend thousands of dollars on a hunk of metal or a gem. And you can appreciate them for that sense of abstraction. But you can also learn to recognize the brands that create high-end jewelry, at least for your curiosity’s sake.

Expensive Clothing

Another facet of people who have a lot of money or clout is the fact that they will wear designer clothing. The brands typical people see in malls or stores around them are all good. But when you get into the the brands are different. The styles are different. The looks are different. And everything is 5000 times more expensive. But just because it’s out of your reach doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn to recognize the designers and the designs.


Entertainment Habits

And how about the people who get bottle service. They are the ones who can buy backstage passes to all of the concerts that they go to. They can afford to throw their parties. It all goes hand-in-hand with having that expendable money.

Freedom of Movement

Another thing that money allows is freedom of movement. If you have enough money you can buy a plane or train ticket on a whim, then you can go wherever you want, whenever you want. If you notice that a certain person has this freedom of movement, that they can stop on a dime and change their plans to go somewhere else whenever they feel like it, then that’s an indicator of someone who is independently wealthy. It’s something to shoot for in our own lives as well.

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