7 useful tips to choose a solid WordPress hosting plan

You may have heard about WordPress as a CMS and the beautiful themes that it provides from your sources, colleagues, etc. But if you are looking to deploy WordPress hosting in India, be aware that there are quite a few providers that will rip you off with a deal that is not worth it. Not because it is a bad service, but because the provider is not genuine.


To avoid this mishap, you can go through some tips to help you make a better choice while choosing a hosting provider for WordPress. This article will also tell you what things you need to consider while getting a good WordPress deal. So, without further delay, here goes.

1. Start with your budget

On the off chance that you are expected to choose WordPress hosting in India, the cost is the primary interesting point without an inch of doubt. The expense relies upon your financial plan principally. However, as a rule, the cost is a sensible factor that will help you select a good WordPress hosting plan. A bundle with a cost too high isn’t reasonable.

2. Consider features and additional items

To create services more appealing to WordPress clients, particularly having a restricted spending plan, WordPress hosting in India provides numerous additional items and free features in the plan. Most plans will provide you with one free domain, a free installer for WordPress, a backup service, and free ad-creds. These things enhance the plans and services when you want to avail yourself of WordPress hosting in India.

3. Do thorough research into the organization’s reputation

Checking the hosting provider’s reputation is a must because you may run into a provider who is not entirely trustworthy. Know if your requirements can be fulfilled, and if the provider promises the same to you even though he /she isn’t capable, it is advisable to move on. To begin with, understand whether the hosting provider is genuine or not. What certifications do they have, what compliances they follow etc.? You can search them up over Google or visit a specific WordPress facilitating audit site to peruse proficient appraisals and surveys on the organization.

4. Try out the control panel provided by the hosting company

Any control panel assumes a fundamental job in administering the facilitating account and the WordPress websites hosted on the account. Those web hosts that deploy something as easy as the cPanel can give a simple method of overseeing spaces, documents, security, etc. If your facilitating supplier fails to provide cPanel, you can attempt an onboarding demo before shelling out money.

5. Understand how they add value to your site

You must know what your provider is going to provide you with a customer benefit. This should be as important as cost or speed or any other parameter. To ensure that you are on the right track, start by getting in touch with the help group and lodge pre-deal inquiries for the same. You will know whether the support team is well trained to solve your queries or not. This should solve your query with regards to customer-centric attitude.

6. Ensure the security of your website hosted on WordPress

Ask the provider what kind of a plan he has for backup, security, and overall protection of the hosting environment. A decent hosting company will give you SSH and SSL protection to fight against unforeseen virus attacks. Also, backup tools like CodeGuard and anti-virus devices like SiteLock help.

7. Gain clarity over the execution of web hosting

If you find a hosting service that is really terrible concerning its execution capabilities, it is better not even to keep it in your consideration set. On the off chance that your site regularly experiences problems like visibility, consider it is hard to win in the online space. To take care of this issue, you can look for genuine client surveys and insights into some audit destinations to observe their execution.


In addition to these pointers, also take things like database, language supported, etc., into account. It goes without saying that you will, but it’s our job to remind you that you leave no stone unturned; we hope you are now aware of all the tips to help you choose a provider for WordPress hosting in India. If you have any doubts, do let us know in the comments section.

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