Many business owners fixate on achieving a top search ranking for their website. They exhaust all their time, money and resources into chasing that coveted number one ranking. While search engine optimization (SEO) is important, however, it’s not enough to succeed online anymore. As a business owner, you should explore other digital marketing channels for the following five reasons.

#1) Search Rankings Take Months to Acquire

SEO doesn’t offer instant results. On the contrary, it can take Google up to six months to adjust your site’s ranking after you’ve optimized it. For small businesses, waiting six months to generate sales or conversions simply isn’t an option. Many small businesses need actionable marketing channels that generate immediate results, and SEO alone doesn’t meet this criteria.

#2) Google Now Shows Fewer Local Listings

Another reason SEO isn’t enough is because Google recently reduced the number of local listings it displays in its search results. Just a few years ago, Google displayed seven local listings. When you searched for a local business, the Mountain View company would display the seven most relevant local listings above the organic results. Now, however, Google only displays three local listings, known as the local 3-pack.



#3) Success Isn’t Guaranteed

Of course, there’s no guarantee that your website will achieve a top search ranking. Even if you perform all of the right on-site and off-site optimization tactics, a competitor may still outrank you.

#4) Videos in Search Results

Google’s organic can help your business create a stronger, more successful online presence that drives real results.