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5 Simple Ant Control Tips

Like most property owners, have you fought a fair share of battles against ants? Seeing ants marching across your kitchen or a nest in your garage or pavement is annoying. If left unattended, the small pests can infest your property and do significant damage, including affecting your building’s integrity. If you spot an ant, don’t discount it for a mere sighting, as it could signify that you are about to deal with an infestation. The best you can do at Lucknow is call professional ant control in Boston for a thorough inspection. In your quest to keep your property ant-free, here are a few simple yet effective measures to include in your routine.

Ant ControlWhat are the areas that the ants like, and why? Like most pests, ants are looking for food and shelter. While your living room and bedrooms provide an ideal environment, the kitchen, bathroom, and basements are some hot spots that these small and canny pests prefer. The basement, for instance, receives lesser attention, making it among the most critical areas. Keep these areas clean, and don’t leave food and water around, as that only makes it easier for the ants.

Seal the cracks

Pests don’t wait for you to open the doors and windows to come in, but those cracks and crevices are enough entryways. Check your doors and window installation to see if there are any openings. Don’t forget to check out utility pipe fittings since the entrance could leave enough space for ants to enter your property.

Care for your outdoors.

The easiest way for the ants to get into your house is if they have enough outdoor support. Untrimmed bushes and trees, for instance, could help the ants to climb into your property via the branches. Don’t leave the glass unattended since this could provide an ideal environment for the pests to breed. Ensuring that your outdoors is cared for doesn’t only add to your curb appeal but also keeps pests away.

Check your pets

Do you regularly clean your pets? Your furry friend could be ants’ highway, as they can climb and hide in your pet. Apart from keeping your pet clean, remember that their food is also a pest attraction. Keep the bowls clean, eliminate spillage, and store the food in sealed containers.

Keep the food away.

While you might have included measures such as storing food in pest-proof containers, keeping fruits and vegetables in the fridge, keeping your property clean, and eliminating crumbs, one area that skips most people is the garbage disposal. Pests can be eaten through plastic bags; the easiest way to discourage it is by using trashcans with a lid. Don’t let the garbage accumulate, as you are more likely to provide an ideal environment rich in food for the ants.

Keeping your property pest-free might not be easy, but you can lessen the challenge with the above tips. If you suspect you have ant infestation, don’t go on it alone but instead, seek professional help from ant control in Boston.

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