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Why You Fail to Keep Your Top Employees and What You Can Do About It

What does it take before a company is deemed successful? Is it because you’re now one of the leading brands in the market? Is it when the media takes notice of your achievements? Or maybe you’re able to finally see a steady growth pattern year after year?

For most successful businesses, these are but only a few ways to define success. But one thing that separates successful brands from the rest is their success when it comes to employee retention. You might think that establishing a name is more than enough to lure the best talent in the industry. But in reality, if you can’t even keep your current top employees, then you’ll find it hard to achieve your goals and maximize your results easily.

So what does it take to boost employee retention? The following are just some of the common reasons your employees are leaving the company and how you can address each problem.

Poor salary and benefits offered

We all work for a reason. For most people, they want to earn money so that they can have a roof over their heads. They need to have food on their tables and money to buy the things they need and want. If you can’t even offer your employees decent pay and benefits, then you can’t expect them to stay longer. There will come a time when they leave your company for a better-paying job. So make sure that you offer a fair salary for all employees. Compensate them for their hard work, and don’t forget to throw in some attractive benefits.

No space for career growth

If your company offers no career development to employees, chances are that they will stay stagnant in their position no matter how many years they work for you. To address this, you can offer free training programs and access to educational opportunities. For instance, your IT professionals are interested in continuing their education. You can help them pay for their exam and get ready for the real deal with a Security+ practice test. If you can help them advance in their careers, then you can help them be better and use their newfound knowledge to help your company become even more successful.

Bad bosses

Do you often hear your employees leave and complain about their superiors? If your company has one or few “bad bosses,” then your employees will have no choice but to endure their poor leaders until they find a better one. Today, many do not leave their companies; instead,employees resign because of their bad bosses. If you don’t address bad leaders the soonest time possible, the cycle will just continue. You may be able to hire top talent, but you’ll fail to keep them due to the same reason over and over.

There are many other reasons employees choose to leave their jobs. But bad bosses, a lack of career growth, and poor salary and benefits are some of the common ones. If these are among the top causes of your poor employee retention rate, then it is high time to act.

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