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Signs That Indicate You to Replace Your Car’s Battery

What if you’re running late for a meeting and your car won’t turn on? This can be troubling, but it’s possible to prevent this frustrating experience. In most cases, vehicles stop working when their batteries fail. The battery is the lifeblood of all cars- an integral component for starting the engine. Without a storm, your vehicle won’t perform any of its functions because it powers all of the electrical components in your vehicle.

The car’s battery performs all the heavy lifting; without it, your ride won’t start, move, or do anything else. So, as the most vital part of your car, it’s crucial to keep checking the battery to save yourself from a headache. Without proper maintenance, the car’s battery may suddenly die, leaving you stranded on a highway or in heavy rain. But you may avoid this situation by understanding some warning signs.

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When the car’s battery wears out, it will display warning signs to alert the driver that it needs replacement. Typically, batteries die slowly and provide some advance notice. So, if you don’t want to get stranded in the middle of nowhere with a car that won’t start, you must watch these telltale signs. Some common signs indicate it’s time to replace your car’s battery.

Old Battery

The first and most obvious reason to replace your battery is age. If your battery is more than 3-5 years old, possibly it has reached the end of its life. Batteries have a limited life span, and they start to wear out with time. Climate, repeated cycles of discharging during starts, and other factors impact the lifespan of your battery. So, get your battery tested regularly and replace it if it’s too old.

Slow to Start

Another common sign of a failing car battery is difficulty starting your car. If you notice a slow engine crank and your vehicle takes a longer time to start, it is a warning sign. When your vehicle makes a sluggish whirring sound and takes longer than usual to start the engine, it’s time to get your battery tested or replaced.

Cranks but Won’t Start

When you turn the key, your car may crank or click, but it won’t start. In this case, the culprit is possibly your battery. You may try a jump start, but ensure your battery is tested. A click sound under the hood is a possible indication that your starter is failing.

Dim Lights and Electrical Issues

As mentioned above, the battery powers your car’s electronics, from dash lights to the radio. So, if you notice dim or no dash lights, the battery is losing its charge. This may happen when you plug many things into your car while driving, like your phone charger. When the battery gets discharged, it fails to power your electronic components.

More Frequent Jump Starts

Do you have to jump-start your car a lot? If so, there is a problem with your vehicle. When the battery ages, it gets difficult to hold a charge for long. So, if your battery cannot hold its head, it’s probably time to get a new car battery.

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