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What Will The World Be Focussing on in 2017?

Away from domestic issues of the day, the World’s governments, each year, will have particular areas they will need to focus on for the good of the global community. The World is far closer than ever before; since the internet’s inception and the technological advancements in travel, many areas of our lives mean that we are no longer a collection of countries operating independently of one another. Each decision that a government makes is often felt by many more. With this in mind, let’s take a look at what will be the key focus in 2017 for the World community.

The World Be Focussing


After many years of lobbying from intelligent people like Jonathan Schrag, the environment’s theme has been a hot topic of debate for governments in recent years. It is finally a key part of the World’s agenda. Global warming and climate change have a visible impact, and there is more pressure than ever for governments to act on the damage they are doing to the planet. The Paris Agreement put forward by the UN has seen almost every nation on Earth sign up to reduce their carbon footprint significantly. The coming year looks set to visit many countries to follow in France’s footsteps in substantially lowering carbon emissions.


Ever since the New York attacks in 2001, the World has woken up to terrorism, and the terror itself has been rising. Last year saw many attacks in Germany, Paris, Belgium, Turkey, Kenya, and Nigeria as terror groups ISIL and Boko Haram aimed to dominate the World. The causes and course of action that should be taken are complicated, some of which are unknown. Still, one thing that is for sure is that governments across the globe will be pushing throughout 2017 to eradicate these violent groups, the source of their power, and the ideals they are trying to enforce.

US and UK

Two of the biggest players in the World, the United States of America and the United Kingdom, are facing what could be an uncertain year that will have global impacts. The US will see Donald Trump take over the Presidency. A new president always shakes things up a bit, and if Mr. Trump is to be believed, he looks set to cause quite a stir across the World. The United Kingdom voted in June last year to leave the European Union. As this is almost unheard of, the World will be watching how the exit transpires and what it will mean for the solidarity of the European bloc. From a financial standpoint, a new president and a European Union with Britain create great uncertainty, which never helps financial markets. The World will no doubt be focusing this year on removing the uncertainty and doubt in the global economy’s interests.

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