Top 8 Criminal Defense Lawyers in the United States of America

The crime rate is increasing all over the world, due to which there is a high demand for criminal lawyers. If we particularly talk about the United States of America, you will find a large number of lawyers working and providing their specialized services to clients. A few among them are now considered to be highly professional, authoritative and remain on the streamline in the news.

These criminal lawyers are demanded by many people who caught in some kind of criminal activity and want to get rid of penalty by taking help from their criminal lawyer. Due to this, they have become very popular all over America. There has also been a huge scandal that every time people see the same criminal lawyer defending another criminal in the court. The dominating criminal lawyers are on the headlines for many years. In this article, we are going to share with you some of these prominent criminal lawyers.

M. Gerald Schwartzbach

M. Gerald Schwartzbach is a well renowned criminal defense lawyer. He is specialized in many aspects of criminal cases, such as sex discrimination, murders, personal injury, product liability, etc. He has a very good reputation in all these fields because he has been able to win huge cases related to these crimes.

He has been working hard in this field for almost 40 years now. He has a well-established law firm in San Francisco. The first popular case that he won for his female client was the one in which she murdered her husband. Even though her husband was a police officer, by M. Gerald Schwartzbach managed to defend her in the court. The case of Robert Blake was another big success for him as he defended that actor against the charge of murdering her wife.

Mark Geragos

Mark Geragos is considered a very refined criminal defense lawyer. He has been working for 50 years in this field and taking care of his clients as if they are his own family members or friends. He is also specialized in murder cases like Gerald Schwartzbach, but he is more polished than him. Their background achievements can easily represent this.

Susan McDougal case was the first breakthrough in Mark Geragos criminal lawyer career. It was a very popular case in which President Clinton was convinced to forgive the accused person. Moreover, he also defended the cases of Chris Brown and Michael Jackson and successfully won them. There are many other media personalities also for whom Mark Geragos fought cases.

Alan Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz is another famous criminal defense lawyer in the United States of America. He is a very polished professional and is known for his amazing stories of winning cases in which the accused person was charged with a very light sentence. He has been successfully fighting for the rights of his clients for many years, and most of them are the prominent media and politics personalities.

The first case due to which he was brought in to the limelight was when he fought the case for Claus von Bulow who was accused of making two attempts to murder his wife. This was the case when Claus von Bulow was charged with being guilty and sent to jail for imprisonment for 30 years. But when Claus von Bulow appealed, he was brought in to court, and Alan Dershowitz was able to defend his successfully. As a result, he was released from the jail. Other than this, Mike Tyson and Michael Milken are some of the main clients of this criminal lawyer due to which he gained popularity on media.

Gloria Allred

Gloria Allred is a renowned criminal defense lawyer, not only in the USA but all over the world. She started her career in the 1970s and didn’t get any case for many years. This was because at that time this field was mainly dominated by the males. But she kept her spirits high and merged as a successful criminal lawyer.

There are so many controversial cases for which Gloria Allred fought for her clients. Every time she makes sure that she gets personally involved in the case, evaluate it and make strategies that prove a win for her client. She is also known as the celebrities expert criminal defense lawyer because she took controversial cases of Amber Frey, Peterson and Tiger Woods and won them very easily. This is how she mainly came to the limelight and became prominent in this field.

Leslie Abramson

Leslie Abramson is a criminal defense lawyer and specialized in fighting the murder cases. She came to the highlights of news and media because of some of her outstanding performances and won in the courtroom. She is a very dedicated woman who never stepped back from making efforts for her clients. Her communication and analytical skills are outstanding.

As Leslie Abramson is a murder case specialist, so there are so many examples of such cases that she worked for. The first famous case that she fought was of Melendez brother who killed their parents, but Leslie Abramson managed to save them from punishment. Other than this, she also took the controversial case of Phil Spector. Lena Clarkson was found dead at his home; even then Leslie Abramson didn’t let the case go against Phil. She is known for such high-pressure case handling all over the USA.

Anne Bremner

Anne Bremner has been successful in defending the most controversial cases of the history. She started her carrier in the 1990s, and till now she has been in the limelight because of her courage to fight for cases that are very serious. She is basically specialized in the field of murder and harassment cases and defends them professionally. It never happened that she fails to win the case for her client.

The most popular case that Anne Bremner fought was the child abuse case of Michael Jackson. This case was very controversial, and the whole world was looking into it. But, Anne Bremner managed to win the case in favor of Michael Jackson. From this case onwards, she gained popularity and fought for the murder case of Amanda Knox who killed a British national student when went to Italy for a visit. This was also a very high-pressure case, but she managed to defend her client.

F. Lee Bailey

F. Lee Bailey is very high-profile criminal law professional. He is known as a law institution because of his vast knowledge and a broad spectrum of thinking about criminal cases. According to his senior and junior colleagues, he is considered a very refined criminal lawyer who has all the attributes that a good criminal lawyer must have.

The most popular case that he fought for was of O.J. Simpson and Captain Ernest Medina’s case. These two cases made big highlights on the print media as well as on the electronic media. It was not easy for him to fight the case because of so much pressure and sensitivity of the issues, but he managed to win the case for his client. He is basically specialized in dealing with murder cases and those that occur during the war. Dr. Carl Coppolino case was another well-known criminal case in which murder was involved. F. Lee Bailey won that too.

Shawn Holley Chapman

He is a very well-known criminal defense lawyer in United States o America. She is labeled as a celebrity expert criminal lawyer because she often deals with the cases of prominent celebrities. She is an expert in multiple fields of criminal law, such as murder, harassment, drug dealing, etc.

The list of celebrities that she defended in the courtroom is very long. But the most prominent ones include Lindsay Lohan, Kardashian Sisters, Nicole Richie, and Paris Hilton. She is a true professional because even in very high profile and high-pressure cases, she never hesitates to go out of the way to help out her clients and make sure that they win the case. It is not an easy task for her, but being a string headed and professional women, she always remains in the front row to defend her clients. She managed tow in cases that had very bleak chances of success.

These are the most popular criminal lawyers of America. They belong to different states of the country. As in every state, there are specific laws for criminal cases, so you have to hire any of the above criminal lawyers who are in your state. Other than these popular criminal lawyers, many other lawyers in the country are giving amazing services to their clients. Even those that belong to small cities can find a good criminal lawyer in the vicinity.

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