What To Look For When Buying a New Laptop

Technology is constantly changing, and so is the frequency with which we have to replace our gadgets. The average shelf life is two years when signs of a degrading performance creep in.

Because of the variety of brands, prices, options, and features, choosing a laptop can be overwhelming to someone who isn’t a computer whiz. Here are the basics you should look for for the best overall laptop.


RAM and Memory Performance

By looking for a computer that optimizes memory performance, you can ensure that your computer can run various tasks simultaneously. The less RAM a computer has, the slower it will function when given many things to focus on.

Ask your sales associate at the store you plan on purchasing from what the RAM specifications are on each of the laptops you are looking at, and based on their applications, you can make the best choice possible.

Operating System

Knowing what kind of operating system you enjoy more than others is important. If you want a Macintosh and can’t see yourself using anything else, this narrows your selection considerably. However, if you are comfortable using Windows and have used it for a long time, you will be fine looking at standard PCs.


Over the years, several different operating systems have emerged. The most popular being Linux, Chrome OS, and Steam OS.

The best way to determine which operating system suits you most is by trying out the various display laptops on the tech store floor you visit to make your purchase. These are put on display to be test-driven, so try!


Many laptops are now created with the ability to function as either a tablet or a computer. This design flexibility can be a great feature for someone who doesn’t always require a traditional notebook but sometimes prefers using it for gaming or viewing media. It can be great for travel or being on the go.

Touchpad / USB mouse port

Once you decide on your laptop’s primary purpose, ensure it has the right touchpad. If you do a lot of design, you will want a larger touchpad. If you use your laptop primarily for viewing media and social networking, your touchpad’s specifications will not likely need to be complicated.

If you prefer this to a standard touchpad, you may want to ensure that any laptop you choose has an extra USB port for compatibility with a mouse.

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