Oparating system

The Human ‘Operating System’

How will we ‘perform’? What makes us ‘work’? Where does our understanding stem from? Where do our beliefs, cultures, phobias, superstitions, etc., originate? What offers us our individuality?

We can see virtually the significance of an ‘operating system’ (O/S) to the laptop. Every well-known PC must have an O/S. The computer will no longer be characteristic without one. This truth has made Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, one of Earth’s richest men.

Operating System

The ‘running structures’ within the PC surroundings provide a proprietary software program platform on top of which different PC programs, known as ‘software packages,’ can run. For instance, you may run the software Word, Excel, or this PowerPoint presentation from the Microsoft Office Suite on one of the most popular ‘running systems,’ Microsoft Windows – Windows ninety-five, 98, 2000, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows 7…

All these ‘operating structures’ live in Read-Only Memory (ROM), meaning you can’t benefit from entry to the O/S. It is non-unstable and is in no way erased. But what you can control is the ‘application packages’ in Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, and so on.

‘Operating systems’ carry out primary tasks: recognizing input from the keyboard, sending output to the show screen, retaining track of files and directories at the disk, and controlling peripheral devices along with disk drives and printers. For large laptop structures, the O/S has even extra obligations and powers. It is a site visitors cop – it makes certain the one’s unique applications and customers running simultaneously do not intrude with each other. The O/S is also accountable for safety, ensuring that unauthorized users do not get entry to the machine.

I trust this ‘running machine’ in human beings is made from genes from no longer handiest our dad and mom and ancestors attaining again to the start of life on Earth. Within our ‘working systems’, I accept that we have what I might call a ‘trans-era’ subconscious memory made from facts gathered from when lifestyles began to while we were conceived.

In addition to this, we collect reviews and statistics at some stage in our existence span on Earth that adds to this information and is probably likened to a ‘software program’ similar to Word or Excel, where we comparably add our documents to including software and files to a computer’s tough disk which offers every laptop its individuality. A few studies and statistics alternate our personalities and appear ingrained into us.

They also leave a little impression on us, which might go on the computer’s CD ROM for a few weeks, after which it never plays again. I hope this evaluation shows how we can be characters even though we are born with commonplace genes. So, it is feasible to influence your existence span on Earth. However, you can’t change your inherited ‘running system’!

We can get a straightforward idea of our ‘operating gadget’ complexity by imagining a sequence of circles expanding from a small internal process to the largest outer ring as the passphrase of the onion reduces in half. The small inner circle represents how life started on Earth to the vital “lacking hyperlink” point while the human race turned into created following the advent of a fairly sensible extraterrestrial existence-form that bred with, or in some way implanted its genetic material and knowledgeable about our Homo ancestors round thirteen,000 years ago up to the out of doors circle representing our dad and mom’ generation. The ‘onion’ diagram could want to be quite large to expose around 500 generations to have come and gone during the 13,000 years that have elapsed when you consider the extraterrestrial traveler(s).

Of route, contributions to our ‘working device’ from the Homo sapiens aspect of the family started long before the advent of the ‘Alien Visitor.’ While lifestyles first commenced on Earth up until the beginning of our early Australopithecine/Homo ancestors, 500 million years of evolution had taken area. A vital factor for us was the emergence of a pig-like creature, the lystrosaurid of an unknown natural catastrophe that wore out the dinosaurs. The lystrosaurid slowly developed into a small ape-like creature called australopithecines that made the first steps at the human adventuresome 15 million years ago. But, for the reason of this article, I will count on that the Homo sapiens’ contribution to our ‘running machine’ may additionally have been much like a cutting-edge Chimpanzees’ ‘working device.’

How can we prove that this O/S exists? This can be genuinely shown while we look at the ‘interface’ of the O/S and the beginning of our life span on Earth. When we see a brand new toddler for the first time, we state which capabilities it inherited from which determine or grandparent. Diplomacy can be critical right now! I even have a photograph of my amazing, splendid grandfather. Even though the picture could be very vintage, I can see clear resemblances between my father and brother. With the advent of video cameras, destiny generations may see more surely the ‘similarities’ in appearances and mannerisms across the ages.

When a baby is born, the primary survival features are already there, adapted and developed from the earliest circles! A toddler ‘is aware of’ how to breathe, cry, yawn, suck. If you drop the toddler in a swimming pool, it will swim. It may also recognize not to suck and swim at the same time!

The new child has come into the arena with characteristics and a reminiscence inheritance program that permits it to function or stay in its lifestyle as a man or woman on Earth. A cat will have the traits (O/S) of a cat, a swan, a swan, etc.

Understanding that we’ve inherited this person’s O/S could be crucial. I wish our multi-million-year-old O/S complexity demonstrates how superb and valuable we are!

To explain similarly allows us to look at how we access our reminiscence. It is very easy on a laptop to locate a record, such as a Word document, and open it. Unlike the logical silicon circuits in computers, our mind or reminiscence is not accessed logically because it is made from chemical compounds that may be easily ‘disturbed,’ for this reason, developing many strange phenomena. So, in the Human O/S, is our intelligence, our IQ, a measurement of the way, without difficulty, we can access records from our reminiscence?!

In humans, it’s important to highlight three states of memory – Conscious, subconscious, and unconscious. The first relates to our life span on Earth, the 1/3 to our inherited ‘running gadget.’ My definition of consciousness is ‘alert and wide awake,’ the subconscious ‘forgotten studies,’ ‘nevertheless there but now not aware about’ – (meet a vintage friend, begin to don’t forget forgotten experiences), and the subconscious – ‘now not experienced in our very own lifestyles-time’ data.

Every second of every day, we subconsciously access our O/S, but there are times when we can inadvertently get entry to our O/S consciously, with a few interesting outcomes.

Disturbances to our mind cells may be due to grief, illness (fever), pills (planned or accidental), fasting, and sleep deprivation. There are long-term hereditary intellectual contamination issues consisting of paranoia and schizophrenia, or issues in being pregnant, which could result in conditions that include Autism, Dyspraxia, etc.

It is vital to comprehend that our conscious insights into our unconscious memory (O/S) are all within the reminiscence we often confer with because of the thoughts! Let us study some of the incredible consequences. When we enjoy deja vu, we remember memories based on our stories. This tricks us into believing there’s a time displacement in our present, aware lives. But I also agree that we’re looking to decipher recollections of events we have no longer seen as a race. We will accidentally introduce, beyond unconscious statistics, facts from our ancestors stored in our unconscious memory (O/S) to our present conscious memory.

As a long way as I realize, there is no proof of everybody touching a ghost, but many humans have ‘visible’ ghosts. I accept the ancestor’s reminiscence as true in a character’s subconscious reminiscence (O/S). Underneath certain situations, the ‘video clip’ of the ancestor or region may be accessed from the unconscious memory and look like a ‘ghost.’ The identical procedure applies to most Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) sightings. Many people worldwide have ‘witnessed’ this phenomenon—some claim. UFOs are presently mapping our planet. I assume they have been doing these for thirteen 000 years, and when human beings believe they see UFOs these days, they see an inherited reminiscence hidden in their unconscious.

People who believe they may be reincarnations of our ancestors can also bring forward recollections from a subconscious collective memory. I think those memories aren’t resurrected from the man or woman’s lifestyles on Earth; however, we all possess our inherited trans-generation memory genes from a human records database. In intense instances, some individuals can also discover it difficult to guide their lives on Earth due to easy access to records stored inside the brains of advanced generations.

So, while Arthur Pendragon claims he is the 20th-century reincarnation of King Arthur, he is possibly experiencing flashes of facts from this trans-generation unconscious reminiscence, which he has inherited and can not effortlessly control. Some people might also accept it as true with their reincarnations, and others do not, relying on whether or not they have flashbacks from the trans-era memory. A laptop can also be visible to have ‘flashbacks.’ We may also search to discover a record and develop a completely one-of-a-kind one that was an idea to have been erased several years ago.

Some people may have a birthday celebration of new thoughts and innovations that haven’t begun to be released. Having this understanding can supply the future impact we can foresee.

Apart from having reminiscences, we are also contained within the recollections of different humans. We may meet someone and be reminded of beyond reviews and sensations; however, in the same way, other human beings will meet us and bear recollections associated with us. Even if we do not have kids, our ideas are transferred to consequent generations of people because of our impact on our peers or pets.

Our human tissue, flesh, and blood are made from many chemicals. So, our mind or reminiscence tissue is not an at-ease for storing and maintaining statistics. We can observe this reality as we grow older. The ‘hyperlinks’ between the memory cells come to be weaker. We begin to appear again at the simplest memory to get entry to, the early reminiscence of our existence span on Earth, our children, and those we grew up with. As we develop ever older, we will grow to be very burdened as we slip lower back into records stored in our memory inherited from preceding generations. Much of this uttered information does not make the experience to even the nearest family member. Perhaps, in apprehending inherited recollections, we can gain an extra understanding of senility.

The silicon chip is a much stronger method of storing information. However, compared to the human mind, this silicon chip technology and its complexity continue to be in their infancy, and laptop ‘hackers’ can benefit from access to the statistics stored in those silicon circuits. As cited previously, all varieties of ways and manners have been attempted to dislodge or, in some way, manage our reminiscence genes. However, we were some way off earlier than we can ‘hack’ into the hidden reminiscence inside the human mind. We will try to excavate this understanding using our creativity and intelligence.

We must be aware our genetic ‘running system’ may be counterproductive. Under given situations, we will revert to fears, beliefs, superstitions, etc., contained in our unconscious reminiscence. Sometimes, we enjoy irrational fears, such as the horror experience while seeing spiders, but we haven’t any beyond revel in our own lives that might explain why we might be so afraid of this creature. This fear is not learned. It seems to already be within us and is once in a while brought about. However, we do not know why. Perhaps our phobias and superstitions were as logical to us, but for the duration of our evolution, we’ve been doubtful about why we’ve got those impulses.

The know-how to apprehend them continues to be within our unconscious recollections. However, it is obscured or altered with the addition of greater data via the generations. People occasionally go through these irrational fears so badly that they try to overcome them through hypnotherapy. Maybe this works because the hypnotherapist can draw out the forgotten know-how within the affected person and shape it to the trigger so that it’s now, not irrational, and therefore alarming. Some among us, such as politicians, spiritual leaders, psychologists, and advertising executives, have learned how to manage our unconscious reminiscences, so watch out!

From the foundation of lifestyles to the present, we slowly developed, gathering data and developing our senses with every surviving generation. This series of know-how and revel is handed directly to each human as a sort of ‘operating gadget.’ I additionally trust the numerous geniuses and amazing innovations we’re privy to in our records; it’s miles clear our knowledge isn’t always evolving; rather, it’s miles being rediscovered.

Once we recognize we have this super ‘running device’ stored in our unconscious memory and accept that we’re all quite a whole lot equal in phrases of our inherited ‘trans-generation’ information, then we’d start to bridge the formidable barrier among one character’s mind and those of some other.

The exquisite benefit of understanding we have a ‘working device’ is that we can recognize and understand how we operate and start thinking for ourselves. I trust acknowledging our ‘operating device’ will pass us to the next segment of our evolution. We will empower destiny generations with the expertise to discover the universe’s mysteries and the course to widespread love.

Revised from the unique article – copyright November 2001

On the 26th of December 2004, an undersea earthquake happened, recorded at nine. One on the Richter scale, simply north of Simeulue Island, off the western coast of northern Sumatra, Indonesia. The earthquake precipitated a sequence of devastating tsunamis that spread at some point in the Indian Ocean, killing huge numbers of humans and inundating coastal groups across South and Southeast Asia and parts of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand. The furthest recorded demise because of the tsunami came about 8,000 km (five 000 miles) from the epicenter.

This earthquake turned additionally suggested to be the longest period of faulting ever discovered, lasting between 500 and 600 seconds, and it became large enough that it caused the entire planet to vibrate as a minimum of half an inch, or over a centimeter. It also triggered earthquakes in different locations some distance away from Alaska.

This disaster is one of the deadliest in current records and highlights how susceptible our civilization is to natural activities.

Is it feasible that a comparable occasion occurred some 10,500 years ago, which devastated a historical civilization thriving on our planet? Are we the offspring of the survivors from this advanced catastrophic occurrence as described in John Cowie’s book “Silbury Dawning: The Alien Visitor Gene Theory?

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